2018 BoD Resolutions

2018-Dec-18 Tanya Goldstein made a motion to accept new member Ron Hillman. Motion was seconded by Brian Lakin and passed unanimously. 2018-Dec-18 Ed Berns made a motion that prior to any offer of employment a criminal background check must be conducted through a professional agency and if there is a criminal conviction there should be no offer of employment tendered to that individual. Discussion ensued regarding the level of the offense and what sort of obligation we have since TBS has a school in the building. Josh to put together a committee to discuss further. Marty Bernstein made a motion to table the motion. Marla Beck seconded the motion and it has been tabled until next month. 2018-Dec-18 Marty Bernstein made a motion to amend the guiding principles of the Public Affairs Committee as follows: 1c. The Committee will seek consensus whenever possible. Its recommendations will be made to the…

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2017 BoD Resolutions

2017-Sep-19 Hyla proposed 4 new families for membership: Michael and Mara Nathanson; David and Ashley Kipperman; David Greene; Allen and Deborah Myer. They were voted in unanimously. 2017-Aug-15 Ellen Dworkin made the following motion: The Board of Ed proposes to increase the K’tanim expenses for the current year from $91,000 to $107, 208, an increase of $17, 208. Additionally, the Board of Ed proposes to increase the K’tanim revenue budget for the current year from $91,000 to $116,000. These changes are due to additional enrollment in the program. The motion passed unanimously. 2017-Aug-15 Brian initiated a discussion of the letter he received from The Rabbinical Assembly and United Synagogue regarding our support of a letter to be sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu. A discussion ensued, a vote was taken and we unanimously agreed that Brian will sign the letter in his capacity as Temple President. Marty Bernstein will chair a…

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2016 BoD Resolutions

2016-Nov-18 Josh moved that $7500 from the Building Fund be made available to the House Vice-President for the purpose of replacing the sections of cedar fence along the property line between the Temple and the neighboring house on Glen Parkway. Motion was passed. 2016-Nov-18 Hyla moved that we accept Staci Glazier as a new member; motion was passed. 2016-Sep-20 Hyla moved that we accept the following new members: Sharon Rosenblatt; Rabbi Alan & Meryl Alpert. Motion was voted on and passed. 2016-Sep-20 Ellen Dworkin made a motion to increase K’tanim expenses for the current year by $10,200, from $89,908 to $100,108. She also wants to increase the K’tanim revenue budget from $91,000 to $111,000. These changes are due to the additional enrollment in the program. Motion was voted on and passed. 2016-Aug-16 We voted on the following new members: Becka and David Kone who were married by Rabbi Scolnic and…

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2015 BoD Resolutions

2015Aug18 Motion to approve application for new membership for Mr. & Mrs. Barkin. Motion approved. 2015-May-19 The slate was presented to the Board. It will be posted according to the by-laws and sent to membership. At the annual meeting on June 16, the slate will be voted on. Installation will be June 26. Proposed Slate: President: Sy Kaplan President Elect: Brian Lakin Ritual VP: Deborah Wilkenfeld Membership VP: Karen Mendelsohn House VP: Josh Weissman Education VP: Jo & Doron Ben-Atar Communications VP: Deborah Braun Ways & Means VP: Brian Lakin Treasurer: Jack Weinstein School Treasurer: Jeralyn Salomon Financial Secretary: Fay Sheppard Recording Secretary: Jessica Malkin Trustee: 2015- 2020 - David Ullman Board of Directors for 2015-2018:     Fran Bernstein                    Jill Maller-Kesselman      David Danilowitz               Lauren Piscitelli      Dara Einhorn                        Andrea Smith      Gail Greenberg   Sy thanked the 2015 Nominating Committee: Ellen Dworkin (Chair)< Michael Brooks, Melissa Hammer, Michelle Lakin,…

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