January 2023: President’s Message

With six months into my first year as President, I am starting this month’s article with
“Confessions of a Temple President: Part I”:
1. I am a procrastinator when it comes to the bulletin. Even though I get a reminder email about the bulletin deadline, I always wait until the last minute to write a message (just like this one!).

2. Shabbat naps are a must. I take a Shabbat nap every afternoon following services. Prior to becoming President, I NEVER took naps.
3. Sitting on the bimah is sometimes a distraction. I know that I have said this before, but I love sitting on the bimah, watching and smiling at everyone as they enter the sanctuary. Sometimes it’s a distraction, though, and I find myself on the wrong page. And, by the way, the chair is also quite comfortable.
4. Mix & match outfits mean lots of options. It’s hard to remember each week what I wear on a Friday night or a Saturday morning. Buying tops, pants, and jackets that mix and match, have made things a lot easier!
5. Running a Board Meeting is not scary. I was worried about running a board meeting, but I think we have created a nice flow and structure. Board meetings are a great way to hear about what is happening at the synagogue. Our January and February board meetings will be on Zoom only. All congregants are invited to join us to hear from our Vice Presidents, Chair people, and other board members.

“Confessions of a Temple President: Part II”, will come in a few months. In the meantime, here are some things that have happened at TBS recently, and some things we look forward to happening this winter.

In December, the Book Club read its 24th book since 2020. The book club averages between 20-30 people who Zoom in to discuss the monthly book. We have an “open book policy”. If a title interests you at any time during the year, please join us for the discussion. If you don’t read the book of the month, you can still join us for the discussion.

Also in December, we held a Hanukkah Celebration that was attended by members of all ages. We look forward to hosting more programs in the next few months to bring all of us together.

We began our Committees Recognition Shabbat Services in December. Members of the Men’s Club participated in a Friday night Shabbat service. Look for the dates and committees being recognized in the upcoming months in the Temple Tablet. Thank you to Shira for organizing these services.

This winter, I’d like for all of you to take some time to ask yourself, “How can I help TBS?” The programs, the onegs, the kiddushes, the services, and so much more can use your help, your expertise, and your voice. If you’re not sure what you can do, but want to do something, let’s have a chat. Email me at president@tbshamden.com or call me at 203-887-1357 to find a time to just chat. We can meet at the Temple, at a coffee shop, or on Zoom. As my mom has said since her presidency into 2008-2010, “Many hands make light work.