Yahrzeit CandleThe date given on the Yahrzeit list is the civil date calculated from the actual Hebrew date of death. The Yahrzeit is observed from sunset on the night before until sunset of the day given.

Observance of the Yahrzeit includes lighting a twenty-four hour candle the night before and coming to services to recite Kaddish. Both men and women should fulfill this observance. The name of the loved one is read from the Bimah at the Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday morning. If the observer would like an honor such as opening the Ark, an Aliyah, etc. please contact Rabbi Scolnic.

Lighting a yahrzeit candle in memory of a loved one is a minhag (custom). While it is not required by halakhah (Jewish law), doing so honors the memory of those no longer with us in life, and it is so deeply ingrained in Jewish life that it is difficult to imagine not doing so. Traditionally, the relationships for whom we light a candle are the same as those for whom we say Kaddish: parents, spouse, siblings, and children.

An act of generosity in memory of a loved is part of our religious tradition. Contributions to TBS are promptly acknowledged. Use the Contribution Form or Make an online contribution.


SAT 2/4

Irving H. Blaustein
Julia Flowers
Jacob Frank
Sharon Moskowitz
Beverly Pollack

SUN 2/5

Nathan Cohen
Simon Klatzko
Bernard Paroly
Samuel Popick
MON 2/6
Judith Blum
Sophie Kaplan
Mr Donald Perlroth
TUES 2/7
Beverly Miller Green
Leisor Juda
Sylvia Kaplan
Mark Lidsky
Mariam Prins
Beatrice Riback
WED 2/8
Jordan Abeshouse
David Bloomenthal
Gertie Brenner
Malvina Herskovitz
Burton Slossberg
Sidney Steinbach
THUR 2/9
David Greenblatt
Aaron Katzman
Benny Kleinfeld
David Mordechai Rodov
Harry Thaler
THUR 2/9
David Greenblatt
Aaron Katzman
Benny Kleinfeld
David Mordechai Rodov
Harry Thaler
FRI 2/10
Marvin Bargar
Ira Greene
Philip Lassman
Fannie Levinson
Abraham Willis
SAT 2/11
Rebecca Cohen
Frank Kohn
SUN 2/12
Benjamin Adler
Evelyn Heller
Anne Nossen
David Schrager
MON 2/13
Robert Ackerberg
Louis Arshinoff
Sy Kaplan
Morris Oppenheim
TUES 2/14
Evelyn Silverman
Emanuel Smith
Nathan Spector
WED 2/15
Ida Holland
Sam Seif
THUR 2/16
Philip Bear
Philip Bear
Lillian Greene
Synnove Ulfsey





FRI 2/17
Laszlo Alexander
Norman Caplan
Harold Garber
Gertrude Goldberg
Diana Hubelbank
Rhea Frohman Levine
Edith Levy
SAT 2/18
Lawrence Hendel
Anne Lazerson
Herman Weiner
SUN 2/19
Mildred Berns
Harold Fisher
Emma Kahn
Betty Simpson Kovener
Zalman Levin
Morris Mininsky
Adrienne Olshin
Ada Slobin
Florence Soffer Raucher
Joseph Swirsky
MON 2/20
Aaron Ignal
Harold Lebowitz
Abe Malina
TUES 2/21
Louis Carlow
Harriet Kaplan
Leon Kaplan
Arnold Mangen
Mr Stanley Stein
Ruth Warner
WED 2/22
Ruth Gonopolsky
Ruth Kerzner
Anna Lebowitz
Anne Schulman
Ruth Topp
Saul Vinokur
Lillian Zelcovitz
THUR 2/23
Philip Brandfon
Clara Field
Louis Levy
Maurice Levy
Benjamin Ortman
Rose Rottenberg
Jeffrey Saguta
Morris Seigel


FRI 2/24
Sophia Carpinella
Susan Fain
Steven Reifler
Lillian Shaw
Martin Steinberg
Daniel Abraham Wurcel
SAT 2/25
Dora Caplan
Jack Frohman
Nelle Gold
Gussie Shiner Israel
Anna Levine
Ishiya Mayzlina
Linda Moskowitz
Samuel Weiss
SUN 2/26
Morris Bronen
Morris Hyatt
Elinor Katz
Marvin Shiner
MON 2/27
Janice Abramowitz
Louis Hasson
Frances Hecht
Beverly Levy
Sylvia Mininsky
Frank Romeo, Jr.
TUES 2/28
Kenneth Abrams
Harold Bauman
Robert Buchter
Tillie Kaplan
Sol Zuckerman
WED 3/1
Beatrice Bauer
Louis Gordon
Lillian Mendlestein
Ruth Savitt
Paula Belkin Greenbaum
Jose Francisco Flores
Cecile Manela
Louis Marcus
Toby Nathanson
Harold Ross
Harry Steinberg
FRI 3/3
Julius Balaban
Sarah Bushell
Richard B. Croll
David Feinmark
Mabel Freed
Felix Heiger
Harry Tick
Beatrice Vinokur