Yahrzeit CandleThe date given on the Yahrzeit list is the civil date calculated from the actual Hebrew date of death. The Yahrzeit is observed from sunset on the night before until sunset of the day given.

Observance of the Yahrzeit includes lighting a twenty-four hour candle the night before and coming to services to recite Kaddish. Both men and women should fulfill this observance. The name of the loved one is read from the Bimah at the Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday morning. If the observer would like an honor such as opening the Ark, an Aliyah, etc. please contact Rabbi Scolnic.

Lighting a yahrzeit candle in memory of a loved one is a minhag (custom). While it is not required by halakhah (Jewish law), doing so honors the memory of those no longer with us in life, and it is so deeply ingrained in Jewish life that it is difficult to imagine not doing so. Traditionally, the relationships for whom we light a candle are the same as those for whom we say Kaddish: parents, spouse, siblings, and children.

An act of generosity in memory of a loved is part of our religious tradition. Contributions to TBS are promptly acknowledged. Use the Contribution Form or Make an online contribution.

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Sat 8/5 Jeffrey Jays Friend of Gordo Fain
  Jeffrey Jays Friend of Lila Fain
  Rita Green Chait Sister of Leah Stambler
Sun 8/6 Henry Bixon Father of Harvey Bixon
  Milton Elzholz Father of Steven Elzholz
  Simon Evans Father of Joel Evans
  Simon Evans Grandfather of Douglas S Evans
Mon 8/7 Allan Margolis Uncle of David Margolis
  Allan Margolis Uncle of Lauren Ortman
  Arnold Freed Brother of Florence Frohman
  Arnold Freed Uncle of Hinda Piscitelle
  Arnold Freed Uncle of Mindy Sohcot
  Edith Ignal Goldfarb Mother of Arlene Levinson
  Edith Ignal Goldfarb Mother of Carol Katz
  Gerda Wallsten Mother In Law of David Ullman
  Harry Fishman Grandfather of Peter Katz
  Morris Steinbach Grandfather of Robert Steinbach
  Morris Steinbach Grandfather of Marla Beck
  Morris Steinbach Great Grandfather of Michelle Lakin
  William Baumgart Father of Therese Baumgart
Tues 8/8 Alan Feinstein Father of Michelle Lakin
  Alan Feinstein Grandfather of Aaron Lakin
  Alan Feinstein Grandfather of Jacob Lakin
  Alan Feinstein Grandfather of Shayna Lakin
  Arthur Salinger Father of Stephen Salinger
  George Comen Father of Sheila Mendlestein
  Gertrude Siegel Grandmother of Gayle Slossberg
  Harry Rhodes Father of Charles Rhodes
  Libbie Katz Mother of Daniel Katz
  Miriam Salomon Mother of Warren Salomon
Wed 8/9 Barbara Siegel Mother of Gayle Slossberg
  David Harary Grandfather of Meri Harary
  David Harary Grandfather of Meyer Rossabi
  Fortunee Harary Grandmother of Meri Harary
  Fortunee Harary Grandmother of Meyer Rossabi
Thur 8/10 Fannie Krupel Great Grandmother of Jeffrey Krupel
  Howard Rothstein Father of Lisa Rothstein
  Irving Fine Father of Emily Fine
  Manny Meltzer Husband of Helene Meltzer
  Manny Meltzer Father of William Meltzer
  Pauline Gorlick Mother of Roberta Smernoff
  Pearl-ellen Shure Friend of Gail Greenberg
  Pearl-ellen Shure Friend of Lawrence J Greenberg
  Sam Lapidus Father of Gertrude Hyman
  Sidney Weinstein Father of Vivian Kantrow
Fri 8/11 Grace Broad Grandmother of Jeffrey Krupel
  Arlene Nadelman Mother of Amy Dubrow
Sat 8/12 Albert Allinson Father of Aaron Allinson
  Albert Allinson Grandfather of Rabbi Sara Metz
  Albert Allinson Grandfather of Steven Allinson
  Betty Solcoff Grandmother of Phyllis Sykes
  Stanley Joseph Husband of Elaine Joseph Kagan
  Stanley Joseph Father of Steven Joseph
Sun 8/13 Benjamin Marcus Uncle of I Deborah Braun
  Felix Rose Grandfather of Steven Rose
  Fred Bernard Father of Stuart Bernard
  George Croog Brother of Stephen Croog
  Jennie Arshinoff Mother of Reva Malina
  Joseph Miller Father In Law of Roselyn Miller
  Lewis Sachs Father of June Sachs
  Louis Zaris Father of Joan Levine
Mon 8/14 Henry Cohen Father of Carole Cohen
Tues 8/15 Abraham Fish Father of Debbie Kaye
  Ida Putterman Mother In Law of Miriam Putterman
  Moe Davis Father In Law of Ellen Davis
  Sarah Marks Kohn Grandmother of Carol Robbins
Wed 8/16 Jack Brenner Father of Stephen Brenner
  Samuel Silverman Father In Law of Robert Zuk
  Louis Schlanger Father of Phyllis Grenet
  Mollie Kliger Grandmother of Marci Resler
Thur 8/17 Dorothy Byer Croog Sister In Law of Stephen Croog
  Dorothy Byer Croog Mother of Fred Croog
  Dorothy Byer Croog Aunt of Susan Croog-Steele
  Jean Shore Mother of Wayne Shore
  Nemesia Feliciano-Guzman Mother of Annie Hourwitz
  Nemesia Feliciano-Guzman Mother In Law of Stanley Hourwitz
Fri 8/18 Shirley Lefland Mother of Lawrence Lefland
  Margit Rosner Alexander Mother of George Alexander
  Dorothy Kuchuk Mother of Philip Kuchuk
Sat 8/19 Sidney H Frohman Husband of Florence Frohman
  Sidney H Frohman Father of Hinda Piscitelle
  Sidney H Frohman Father of Mindy Sohcot
  Sidney H Frohman Grandfather of Lauren Piscitelle
Sun 8/20 David Casper Father of Bart Casper
  Elizabeth Hardegen Mother of Cathy Burwick
  Gertrude Glass Great Grandmother of Rebecca Kone
  Harriet Sosensky Mother of Steven Sosensky
  Leah Flamer Wallach Grandmother of Barry Gross
  Lillian Gold Mother of Julius Gold
  Lillian Sved Mother of Marilin Sudarsky
Mon 8/21 Charles Rudolph Father In Law of Joan Rudolph
  Madeline L. Carloni Mother of James Carloni
Tues 8/22 Jennie Goldberg Grandmother of Karen Kaplan
  Blossom Carlow Mother of Ivy Perrelli
  Blossom Carlow Mother of Susan Friedson
  Jack Kipperman Uncle of Andrew Kipperman
Wed 8/23 Barbara Burgess Sister of Phyllis Grenet
  Benjamin Fromkin Father In Law of Lenore Fromkin
  Irwin Popick Brother of Eta Kaplan
  Marian Stein Sister of Patricia Caplan
  Marian Stein Sister In Law of Barbara Stein
  Marian Stein Aunt of Lawrence Stein
  Marian Stein Aunt of Mark Caplan
  Marian Stein Aunt of Susan Massicott
  Ruthe Groudan Mother of Shari Lipton
  Sharlene Rhodes Wife of Charles Rhodes
Thur 8/24 Ellen Casper Mother of Bart Casper
  Irving Bauer Step Father of Charles Rhodes
  Lester M Kaufmann Father of Carol Robbins
  Sarah Salinger Soltz Mother of Stephen Salinger
Fri 8/25 Milton Clompus Grandfather of Susan Friedson
  Ethel Hyman Great Aunt of Malcolm Friedman
  Bernard Godfrey Husband of Vera Godfrey
  Adrienne Greenberg Mother of Ellen Davis
Sat 8/26 Edward Cohen Father of Barbara Horowitz-Bograd
  Felice Pines Mother of Bryan Pines
  Mark Zamkov Brother In Law of Martin Rudnick
  Marshall Schiff Nephew of Rachel Weiss
  Morris Freedman Father In Law of Marcia Freedman
  Samuel Rudolph Husband of Joan Rudolph
Sun 8/27 Sarah “Suke” Tombank Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Minnie Perlroth Mother In Law of Charlotte Perlroth
Mon 8/28 Martin Glassner Father of Aleta Glassner
  William Zudekoff Father of Sherman Zudekoff
  Amil Wise Father In Law of Sharon Wise
Tues 8/29 Herbert Kaplan Brother In Law of Eta Kaplan
Wed 8/30 Claude Zaengel Father of Nina Zaengel
  Herbert Rosenblatt Father of Gregory Rosenblatt
  Herbert Rosenblatt Father In Law of Shira Rosenblatt
  Herbert Rosenblatt Grandfather of Sharon Rosenblatt
  Marion Friedman Sister of Barbara Shneider
  Philip Liss Father of Leonard Liss
  Rita Kunz Mother of Sharon Wise
  Roberta Katz Mother of Stuart Katz
Thur 8/31 Chaim Gross Father of Rachel Friedman
  Sarah Clompus Grandmother of Susan Friedson
  Gloria Waksman Sister of Anne Schulman
  Nancy Ullman Wife of David Ullman
Fri 9/1 Mildred Rosenfeld Baum Aunt of Linda Carpinella
  Sherman Perlroth Brother In Law of Charlotte Perlroth
  Israel Solomon Steinbach Great Uncle of Robert Steinbach
  Israel Solomon Steinbach Great Uncle of Marla Beck
  Charles H Flaum Husband of Naomi Flaum
Sat 9/2 Chana Malka Kohane Mother of Sara Reifler
  Charles (Danny) Parness Grandfather of David Parness
  Charles (Danny) Parness Grandfather of Jennifer Fleming
  Charles (Danny) Parness Grandfather of Todd Parness
Sun 9/3 Annette Weiner Mother of Carol Hornreich
  Annette Weiner Grandmother of Dina Hornreich
  Annette Weiner Grandmother of Howard Hornreich
  Annette Weiner Great Grandmother of Paula Hornreich
  Louis Levinson Husband of Arlene Levinson
  Rhoda Cohen Mother of Sandra Cohen
Mon 9/4 Allen Goldberg Grandfather of Linda Carpinella
  Diane Hofmann Sister of Barbara Stein
  Evelyn Rolnick Mother of Steven Rolnick
  Joan Rosenberg Sister of Charles Mendlestein
  Judith Goldstein Mother of Karen Kaplan
  Judith Goldstein Grandmother of Allison Kaplan
  Mollie Silverman Mother-in-law of Robert Zuk
  Mollie Silverman Grandmother of Rachel Zuk
  Sol Hurwitz Grandfather of Staci Glazier
Tues 9/5 Aliza Kalina Grandmother of Eric Ravid
  Andrew Freiberg Father of Miriam Putterman
  Neil Leder Brother of Selma Krinick
Wed 9/6 Herbert Howard Father of Linda Lippman
  Ilene Myers Sister of Barbara Shore
  Robert Warner Father of Diane Borodkin
Fri 9/8 Michal Gruen Father of Jeffrey Gruen
Sat 9/9 Marilyn Grossman Mother of Stephen Grossman
  Rhoda Kanner Mother of Geoffrey Kanner
  William Tobenkin Father of Gary Tobenkin
Sun 9/10 Herbert Case Cousin of Mark Caplan
  Seymour Kleinfeld Brother of Ira Kleinfeld
  Suzie Zelcovitz Sister of Betty Litto
Mon 9/11 Albert Herschel Reifler Father of Michael Reifler
  Marcia Sickler Baldinger Mother of Susan Torcellini
Tues 9/12 David Kantrow Father of Richard Kantrow
  Flossie Miller Mother in Law of Maria Miller
  Flossie Miller Grandmother of Zara Miller
  Judi Rader Sister In Law of Betty Litto
  Sophie Zuk Mother of Robert Zuk
Wed 9/13 Annette Greenhouse Mother of Lorrie Gardella
  Sadie Weinstein Grandmother of Jack Weinstein
Thur 9/14 Albert Soltz Father of Stephen Salinger
  Albert Soltz Grandfather of Aaron Salinger
  Albert Soltz Grandfather of Amy Salinger
  Carmen Wexler Mother of Meredith Saguta
  Rosalind Blodinger Mother of Sharon Pappas
Sat 9/16 Estelle Kerson Rumanoff Mother of Michael Rumanoff
  Eva Hofman Kramer Mother of Kenneth Kramer
  Herbert Niebloom Husband of Ann Niebloom
  Lillian Tessler Sister of Simeon Gillman
  Maurice Bernstein Father of Martin Bernstein
  Pauline Rosenfeld Grandmother of Leslie Pollack
  Rachel Zamkov Mother In Law of Martin Rudnick
Sun 9/17 Jean Marcus Mother of I Deborah Braun
  Joseph Sissler Father of Ruth Kleinfeld
  Morris Sudarsky Husband of Marilin Sudarsky
  Morris Sudarsky Father of Felicia Rumanoff
  Sidney Trachtenberg Father of Judith Rolnick
Mon 9/18 Feiga Alter Berezina Mother of Sofya Rodov
  Lillian Canter Aunt of Diane Borodkin
  Marjorie Abrams Sister of Edward Green
  Marjorie Abrams Sister of Jordan Green
  Marjorie Abrams Sister of Michael Green
  Marjorie Abrams Mother of Todd Abrams
  Marjorie Abrams Mother of Scott Abrams
  Rita Rudnick Wife of Martin Rudnick
  Sadie E. Kapaloric Aunt of David Z. Greene
Tues 9/19 Barney Bauman Father of Esther Bauman Fisser
  Jeff Ossen Uncle of Neal Zomback
  Joseph Feingold Father In Law of Sharon Feingold
  Marion M Glickson Mother of Nina Glickson
  Wolfgang Marcuse Father of Ilana Danilowitz
Wed 9/20 Gladys Field Grandmother of Brian Lakin
  Gladys Field Great Grandmother of Aaron Lakin
  Gladys Field Great Grandmother of Jacob Lakin
  Gladys Field Great Grandmother of Shayna Lakin
  Mel Nadelman Father of Amy Dubrow
Thur 9/21 Jack Zelcovitz Father of Betty Litto
Fri 9/22 Anna Massey Mother of Harvey Massey
  Elsie Green Amster Mother of Leah Stambler
  Harvey Bayer Father of Sambra Weissman
  Mae Richman Aunt of Jeralyn Salomon
Sat 9/23 Minnie Croll Friend of Henry Cohen
  Minnie Croll Friend of Sharon Cohen
  Richard Hurst Brother of Sandra White
Sun 9/24 Arthur Henry Mirel Father of Larry Mirel
  Betty Schwaber Mother of Paul Schwaber
  Betty Schwaber Grandmother of Catherine Schwaber
  Lewis Milrad Father of Barbara Shore
Mon 9/25 Jacob Katzman Brother In Law of George Seltzer
  Leah Lefkowitz Mother of Arleen Mathewson
  Leah Lefkowitz Grandmother of Dina Mathewson
  Leah Lefkowitz Grandmother of Todd Mathewson
  Lillian Lassman Mother of Naomi Flaum
  Sophia Flaum Mother In Law of Naomi Flaum
Tues 9/26 Seymour William Mally Father of Caren Mally-Genovese
Wed 9/27 Alex Halis Father of Dorene Scolnic
  Erich Salomon Father of Warren Salomon
  Gertrude Kahn Mother of Arlene Faiman
  Murray Adelman Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Sarah Esther Stein Mother of Patricia Caplan
  Sarah Esther Stein Mother In Law of Barbara Stein
  Zelda Tanebaum Mother of Sydonie Gelman
Thur 9/28 Evelyn Seltzer Wife of George Seltzer
  Myra Engel Mother In Law of Sharon Engel
  Myra Engel Grandmother of Jonathan Engel
  Trude Schreiber Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
Fri 9/29 Sara G Black Grandmother of Stuart Katz
  Theodore Stillman Father of Cindy Brenner
Sat 9/30 Frieda Zimmerman Mother In Law of Charles Rhodes
  Herbert Etkind Father of Randy Berns
  Reuben Gonopolsky Father In Law of Stephen Wildstein
  Ruth Friedland Aunt of Sambra Weissman
Sun 10/1 Alice Kaye Horwitz Mother of Arlene Campeau
  Israel Chenstohovsky Father of Israel Dvoretzky
  Leigh Gillman Brother of Cherni Gillman
  Matthew Granoff Husband of Christine Meng
  Mildred Shlensky Kaufmann Mother of Carol Robbins
  Rachel Slossberg Mother In Law of Edith Slossberg
  Samuel Senzer Grandfather of Rebecca Senzer
Mon 10/2 Arnold Hubelbank Uncle In Law of Harvey Massey
  Dorothy Baumgart Mother of Therese Baumgart
  Harry Sendroff Father of Fred Sendroff
  Marion Meadow Mother of Stanley Hourwitz
  Max Chait Brother In Law of Leah Stambler
  Morton Hecht Father of Geoffrey Hecht
  Sadie Fagan Mother In Law of Lee Suppe
  Sidney Lipton Father of Richard Lipton
Tues 10/3 Barbara Greene Rubin Sister of David Z. Greene
  Chaya Blitzer Mother of Meri Harary
  Elliot Alderman Brother of Norman Alderman
  Elliot Alderman Husband of Diane Alderman
  Elliot Alderman Father of Cyna Alderman
  Elliot Alderman Father of Jennifer Alderman
  Helen (Chaya) Blitzer-Harary Mother of Meri Harary
  Jacob Epstein Father of Russell Epstein
  Nathan Ersoff Father of Roselyn Miller
  S Harry Gaines Father of Ruth Ann Steinberg
  Shirley Steinbach Mother of Robert Steinbach
  Shirley Steinbach Mother of Marla Beck
  Shirley Steinbach Grandmother of Michelle Lakin
  Shirley Steinbach Great Grandmother of Aaron Lakin
  Shirley Steinbach Great Grandmother of Jacob Lakin
  Shirley Steinbach Great Grandmother of Shayna Lakin
Wed 10/4 Barbara L Siegel Sister of Naomi Flaum
  Eugene Gorlick Brother of Roberta Smernoff
Thur 10/5 Charles Shore Father of Wayne Shore
  Lillian Ross Mother of Nancy Smith
  Marx Friedman Father of Malcolm Friedman
  Theodore Janos Father of Diane Tanenbaum
Fri 10/6 Daniel Patkin Father of Adam Patkin
  Daniel Patkin Father In Law of Terri Patkin
  Daniel Patkin Grandfather of Aaron Patkin
  Daniel Patkin Grandfather of Ariel Patkin
  Daniel Patkin Grandfather of Sasha Patkin
  Herman Alpert Father of Edith Slossberg
  Mindy Geisinger Goodwin Mother of Samantha Goodwin
  Sylvia Twersky Mother of Shira Rosenblatt