Yahrzeit CandleThe date given on the Yahrzeit list is the civil date calculated from the actual Hebrew date of death. The Yahrzeit is observed from sunset on the night before until sunset of the day given.

Observance of the Yahrzeit includes lighting a twenty-four hour candle the night before and coming to services to recite Kaddish. Both men and women should fulfill this observance. The name of the loved one is read from the Bimah at the Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday morning. If the observer would like an honor such as opening the Ark, an Aliyah, etc. please contact Rabbi Scolnic.

Lighting a yahrzeit candle in memory of a loved one is a minhag (custom). While it is not required by halakhah (Jewish law), doing so honors the memory of those no longer with us in life, and it is so deeply ingrained in Jewish life that it is difficult to imagine not doing so. Traditionally, the relationships for whom we light a candle are the same as those for whom we say Kaddish: parents, spouse, siblings, and children.

An act of generosity in memory of a loved is part of our religious tradition. Contributions to TBS are promptly acknowledged. Use the Contribution Form or Make an online contribution.


Tues., Nov. 22
Lena Casper
Verna Fine
Izydor Friedlich
Martin Lefland
Jerome Sochard
Minnie Spector
Harold Wilkenfeld

Wed., Nov. 23
Matilda Brandt
Miriam Levine
Theone Spielman
Richard Sykes

Thurs., Nov. 24
Jacob Cohen

Fri., November 25
Shelley Brenner
Ada Fenster
Rose Selman
Herbert Watstein

Sat., Nov. 26
Charles Allman
Samuel Eidinger
Sarah Hasson
Fern Rosenfeld
Herbert Savitt

Sun., Nov. 27
Sigmund Gursky

Mon., Nov. 28
Elly Engel
Steven Hurwitz
Ida Sendroff
Esther C Stambler
Kate Wildstein

Tues., Nov. 29
Leah Mainzer
Jack Snyder
Pearl Wilkenfeld

Wed., Nov. 30
Lawrence Seltzer
Marcia Steele
Henry Sved
Jacob Tcath
Louis Tendler

Thurs., Dec. 1
Diane Nathan
Bernard Wasser
Alexander Weiss

Fri., Dec. 2
Judi Croll
Raymond Green
Anna Pollack

Sat., Dec. 3
Basha Baerman
Saul Broad
Evelyn Gershman
Leonid Krivoruk
Rhoda Paroly
Birdie Herzog Romeo

Sun., Dec. 4
Elaine Pollack
Anna Epstein Simon

Mon., Dec. 5
Lillie Belofsky
Paul Ruhlman

Tues., Dec. 6
Ethel Cohen
Tzippora Dvoretzky
Abraham Hurwitz
Barbara Mendelsohn
Sara Segel

Wed., Dec. 7
Anita Adelman
Sara Gradis
Laura Scheinzeit

Thurs., Dec. 8
Pearl Bauman
Rosalyn Lempert
Carol Rebhun

Fri., Dec. 9
Anna Miller

Sat., Dec. 10
Max Backer
Marvin Brown
Marvin Casper
Charlotte Fischer
Elliot Lang

Sun., Dec. 11
Benjamin Cohen
Michael Holland
Jules Scheinzeit
Harold Shlensky

Mon., Dec. 12
Frances Eve Bilmes
Ethel Donath
Rebecca Rosofsky
Alice Schiff
Betty Weinstein

Tues., Dec. 13
Lois Buslovitz
David Grossman

Wed., Dec. 14
Louis Levine
Maxim Seltzer

Thurs., Dec. 15
Harriet Hyatt
David Rubenstein
Karen Rubin

Fri., Dec. 16
Ruth Druckman
Ida Kaplan
Josef Kaufman
Martin Kurkhill
Charlotte Phillips
Zipora Riback