Yahrzeit CandleThe date given on the Yahrzeit list is the civil date calculated from the actual Hebrew date of death. The Yahrzeit is observed from sunset on the night before until sunset of the day given.

Observance of the Yahrzeit includes lighting a twenty-four hour candle the night before and coming to services to recite Kaddish. Both men and women should fulfill this observance. The name of the loved one is read from the Bimah at the Shabbat services on Friday night and Saturday morning. If the observer would like an honor such as opening the Ark, an Aliyah, etc. please contact Rabbi Scolnic.

Lighting a yahrzeit candle in memory of a loved one is a minhag (custom). While it is not required by halakhah (Jewish law), doing so honors the memory of those no longer with us in life, and it is so deeply ingrained in Jewish life that it is difficult to imagine not doing so. Traditionally, the relationships for whom we light a candle are the same as those for whom we say Kaddish: parents, spouse, siblings, and children.

An act of generosity in memory of a loved is part of our religious tradition. Contributions to TBS are promptly acknowledged. Use the Contribution Form or Make an online contribution.

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Sat 9/2 Chana Malka Kohane Mother of Sara Reifler
Fri 12/1 Alice Schiff Mother of Rachel Weiss
  Betty Weinstein Mother of Vivian Kantrow
  Ethel Donath Mother of Judith Donath
  Frances Eve Bilmes Mother of David Bilmes
  Nettie Lebowitz Mother of Hali Moses
  Rebecca Rosofsky Mother of Ira Rosofsky
Sat 12/2 David Grossman Father of Stephen Grossman
  Lois Buslovitz Mother of Cynthia Popoli
Sun 12/3 Louis Levine Grandfather of Gayle Slossberg
  Maxim Seltzer Father of Arthur Seltzer
Mon 12/4 David Rubenstein Brother of Judy Oppenheim
  Harriet Hyatt Aunt of Lawrence Hyatt
  Karen Rubin Mother of Sarah Rubin
  Karen Rubin Niece of David Z. Greene
Tues 12/5 Charlotte Phillips Aunt of Debra Pines
  Ida Kaplan Mother In Law of Esther Kaplan
  Ida Kaplan Mother In Law of Eta Kaplan
  Josef Kaufman Father of Nettie Levine
  Martin Kurkhill Father of Laura Elman
  Ruth Druckman Mother of Nancy Cohen
  Zipora Riback Great-Aunt of Shay Dvoretzky
Wed 12/6 Barnett Maller Father of Jill Maller
  Bill Shlensky Brother of Carol Robbins
Thur 12/7 Morton Krass Father of Philip Krass
  Tina Liss Mother of Leonard Liss
Fri 12/8 Earle Massey Brother of Harvey Massey
  Ethel Madow Mother of Neal Madow
  Louis Lehman Uncle of Richard Fenton
  Rosalie Litto Mother In Law of Betty Litto
  Steven Sternfeld Cousin of Bryan Pines
Sat 12/9 Albert Harary Father of Meri Harary
  Albert Harary Uncle of Meyer Rossabi
  Lillian Hendelman Mother of Marjorie Drucker
  Samuel Adam Margolis Son of David Margolis
  Sidney Meltzer Brother In Law of Helene Meltzer
Sun 12/10 Aaron Israel Grandfather of Kenneth Dworkin
  Eleanor “Ellie” Lidsky Mother of Carol Evans
  Eleanor “Ellie” Lidsky Grandmother of Douglas S Evans
  Freda Leffell Mother of David Leffell
  Hannah Sumner Mother In Law of Betty Sumner
  Lewis Richman Grandfather of Rebecca Kone
  Solomon Topp Father In Law of Michael Nabel
  William Levine Father of Jodi Levine
Mon 12/11 Gary Rosenfeld Cousin of Leslie Pollack
  Leon Zamkov Father In Law of Martin Rudnick
  Leonora Goldstein Mother of Marc Goldstein
  Leonora Goldstein Mother of Ellen Isaacson
  Miriam Rudnick Mother of Martin Rudnick
  William Ellis Grandfather of William Ortman
Tues 12/12 Abraham Leder Father of Selma Krinick
  Robert Kravet Husband of Harlene Kravet
  Sassoon Bashy Father of Aboud Bashy
Wed 12/13 David Wolinsky Grandfather of Paula Rudnick
  Harry Levinson Father In Law of Arlene Levinson
  Jeanne Sissler Mother of Ruth Kleinfeld
  Jennie K Greene Mother of David Z. Greene
  Minerva Abramson Mother of Lewis Abramson
  Zelda Cooper Mother of Susan Cooper
Thur 12/14 Allen Kesselman Brother of Robert Kesselman
  Barbara Malkin Mother of Ira Malkin
  Ginger Begun Mother of Susan Matican
  Gladys Zuckerman Mother of Fran Bernstein
  Hyman Kuperstein Father of Matthew Kuperstein
  Leo Segel Father of Rosalyn Liss
Fri 12/15 Richard Steiner Father of Daniel Steiner
Sat 12/16 Eli Kaplan Father In Law of Esther Kaplan
  Eli Kaplan Father In Law of Eta Kaplan
  Julius Hyatt Father of Lawrence Hyatt
  Julius Hyatt Father of Joan Caldwell
  Julius Hyatt Father of Mitchell Hyatt
  Ruth Allman-Fins Mother of Eileen Swirsky
  Sadie Hyman Mother In Law of Gertrude Hyman
  Tillie Leder Mother of Selma Krinick
Sun 12/17 Gerald Schine Father of David Barkin
  Itzhak Dvoretzky Grandfather of Shay Dvoretzky
  Jennifer Schine Mother of David Barkin
  Jerry Gutkin Father of Andrea Joseph
  Myriam Eldrich Mother of John Eldrich
  Rose Liebers Grandmother of Mona Tenedine
  Rose Liebers Grandmother of Brenda Moore
  Rose Shore Grandmother of Ellen Litt
Mon 12/18 Abraham Hubelbank Grandfather In Law of Harvey Massey
  Dora Hyatt Grandmother of Lawrence Hyatt
  Dora Hyatt Grandmother of Joan Caldwell
  Dora Hyatt Grandmother of Mitchell Hyatt
  Dorothy Weiss Mother of Jacqueline Cohen
  Dorothy Weiss Grandmother of Matthew Cohen
  Dorothy Weiss Grandmother of Samantha Cohen
  Joel Lerner Husband of Miriam Lerner
  Marvin Rosenfeld Father of Linda Carpinella
Tues 12/19 Herman J Alpert Father of Rabbi Alan Alpert
  Israel Weiner Father of Carol Hornreich
  Israel Weiner Grandfather of Dina Hornreich
  Israel Weiner Grandfather of Howard Hornreich
  Israel Weiner Great Grandfather of Paula Hornreich
  Meyer Alpert Grandfather of Stuart Caplan
Wed 12/20 Essie Lebowitz Aunt of Hali Moses
  Estelle Goldberg Mother of Susan Rothbard
  Jack W Yakerson Husband of Laura Yakerson
  Jack W Yakerson Father of Amy Long
  Martha Zwelling Mother of Sharon Cohen
  Rose Lieb Mother of C. Sarah Bader
  Sholom Stein Grandfather of Diana Lager
  Sholom Stein Grandfather of Linda Lager
Thur 12/21 Charlotte Green Mother of David Green
  Norman Rader Brother In Law of Betty Litto
  Samuel Kabakoff Father of Irwin Kabakoff
Fri 12/22 Hy Hyatt Uncle of Lawrence Hyatt
  Larry Rosen Grandfather of Steven Rose
  Ralph Croog Brother of Stephen Croog
  Ralph Croog Father of Fred Croog
  Samuel Smith Father of Robert Smith
Sat 12/23 Elizabeth Hamburger Mother of Ruth Zudekoff
  Ethel Litt Mother of Ellen Litt
  Goldie Moskowitz Aunt of Deborah Wilkenfeld
  Helen Karp Mother of Esther Ozeck
  Helen Karp Mother In Law of Floyd Ozeck
  Helen Karp Grandmother of Abram Ozeck
  Helen Karp Grandmother of Sam Ozeck
  Hyman Levinson Grandfather of Carol Evans
  Jacob Brandfon Grandfather of Heidi Vernick
  May Rosenbaum Wife of Alvin Rosenbaum
  May Rosenbaum Mother of Caren Mally-Genovese
  Meir Engel Father In Law of Sharon Engel
  Meir Engel Grandfather of Jonathan Engel
  Shelden Kanner Brother of Geoffrey Kanner
Sun 12/24 Beatrice Hartley Mother of Holly Kampler
  Lewis Gorlick Father of Roberta Smernoff
  Rabbi Michael Charney Friend of Jack Weinstein
  Rose Greenberg Mother of Lawrence J Greenberg
  Rose Greenberg Grandmother of Jennifer Weissman
Mon 12/25 Issie Moskowitz Grandfather of Andrew Moskowitz
  Jack Katz Grandfather of Stuart Bear
  Jack Katz Grandfather of Peter Katz
  Louis White Father In Law of Sandra White
  Max Zuckerman Father of Fran Bernstein
  Meyer Malina Husband of Reva Malina
  Miriam Klatzko Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Sol Cohen Father of Rosalie Garcia
  Sol Cohen Grandfather of Mark Garcia
Tues 12/26 Etel Rosner Grandmother of George Alexander
  Rosalind Minster Sister of David Danilowitz
  Sally Meyers Mother of Helene Meltzer
Wed 12/27 Anna Robbins Mother in Law of Carol Robbins
  Anna Robbins Grandmother of Matthew Robbins
  Anna Robbins Grandmother of Melissa Robbins
  Florence Seltzer Morgenstein Mother of Sharon Seltzer
  Florence Seltzer Morgenstein Aunt of Rabbi Stuart Seltzer
  Florence Seltzer Morgenstein Aunt of Richard Seltzer
  Ida Evans Mother of Joel Evans
  Ida Evans Grandmother of Douglas S Evans
  Louis Gillman Father of Cherni Gillman
  Louis Gitlitz Father of Sandra Kaplan
  Mrs Frances Elman Mother of Joseph Elman
Thur 12/28 Bernard H. Nathanson Father of Michael Nathanson
  David Kohane Father of Sara Reifler
  Gertrude Garsten Mother of Joel Garsten
  Gertrude Garsten Grandmother of Bryan Garsten
  Gertrude Garsten Great Grandmother of David Garsten
  Gertrude Garsten Great Grandmother of Max Garsten
  Seymour Schulefand Father of Steve Schulefand
  Seymour Schulefand Father of Dean Schulefand
  Stanley Jacobs Father of Bruce Jacobs
Fri 12/29 Bella Danilowitz Mother of David Danilowitz
  Charlotte Shah Mother of Jeffrey Davis
  Esther Hubelbank Grandmother In Law of Harvey Massey
  Leslie Nabel Wife of Michael Nabel
  Leslie Nabel Mother of Scott Nabel
  Philip Kaplan Father of Mark Kaplan
Sat 12/30 Abraham Pollack Grandfather of Leslie Pollack
  Ayala Dvoretzky Wife of Israel Dvoretzky
  Ayala Dvoretzky Mother of Shay Dvoretzky
  Freda Saltzman Sister of Gertrude Hyman
  Ida Caminear Levine Grandmother of David Margolis
  Ida Caminear Levine Grandmother of Lauren Ortman
  Norman Spector Father of Larry Spector
  Susan I Levine Aunt of Jason Cutler
  Sylvia Laskin Mother of Martin Laskin
Sun 12/31 Bernice Goldman Mother of C. David Goldman
  Mordehai Gitelmahr Father of Monya Krivoruk
Mon 1/1 Barbara Suslak Aunt of Jack Weinstein
  Dave Yurman Father of Barbara Stein
  Edward Joseph Hittleman Husband of Dee Hittleman
  Edward Litto Husband of Betty Litto
  Edward Litto Father of Jason Litto
  Lillian Brown Mother of Sherman Brown
  Lillian Brown Grandmother of Dee Hittleman
Tues 1/2 Ada Feinmark Grandmother of Andrew Kipperman
  Elizabeth Yanofsky Mother of Andrea Smith
  Elizabeth Yanofsky Grandmother of Carrie Smith
  Elizabeth Yanofsky Grandmother of Emily Smith
  Morris Grabow Grandfather of Debra Leibovitch
Wed 1/3 Eric Kaplan Son of Eta Kaplan
  Lou Zimmerman Father In Law of Charles Rhodes
Thur 1/4 Bernard Lipton Brother of Richard Lipton
  Manuel Lizardi Father of Maria Miller
  Morris Caplan Father In Law of Patricia Caplan
Fri 1/5 Joyce Brown Mother of Nancy Millett
  Susan Balaban Mother of Sherri Sosensky
Sat 1/6 Bjorg Mandrill Mother of Linda Sadinsky
  Esther Juda Mother of Geraldine Ganezer
  Irving Putterman Father In Law of Miriam Putterman
  Mabel Bader Mother of Julian Bader
  Murray Zuk Brother of Robert Zuk
  Priscilla Garber Mother of Heidi Vernick
Sun 1/7 Arnold Abrams Grandfather of Scott Abrams
  Hanna Marcuse Mother of Ilana Danilowitz
  Shirley Poll Grandmother of Jeffrey Shankman
Mon 1/8 Arthur Greenberg Father of Lawrence J Greenberg
  Arthur Greenberg Grandfather of Jennifer Weissman
  Berta Blitzer Grandmother of Meri Harary
  Frieda Warner Mother of Diane Borodkin
  Golda Kipperman Grandmother of Andrew Kipperman
  Ida Wachs Aunt of Elaine Salinger
  Rose Weinstein Garfiel Aunt of Geraldine Ganezer
  Schneir Belkin Great Grandfather of Sherri Sosensky
Tues 1/9 Jessie Ossen Grandmother of Neal Zomback
  Sadie Fishman Grandmother of Peter Katz
Wed 1/10 Harry Casper Grandfather of Bart Casper
  Jakov Aron Plots Father of Sofya Rodov
  Joel Jacobs Alpert Brother of Edith Slossberg
  Joel Jacobs Alpert Uncle of David Slossberg
  Joel Jacobs Alpert Uncle of Sheryl Sadinsky
  Pearl Brown Mother of Sharon Drumm
  Rhea Ersoff Mother of Roselyn Miller
  Shirley Granoff Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Sidney Greenberg Father of Lawrence Greenberg
  Sidney Greenberg Father of Robin Kramer
Thur 1/11 Abraham Liebers Grandfather of Mona Tenedine
  Abraham Liebers Grandfather of Brenda Moore
  Benjamin Ralph Harrison Grandfather of Ellen Dworkin
  Benjamin Ralph Harrison Grandfather of Steven Shiner
  Harry Singer Father of Debra Leibovitch
Fri 1/12 Herbert Korchin Father of Stuart Korchin
  Herbert Korchin Grandfather of Jack Korchin
  Herbert Korchin Grandfather of Mark Korchin
  Irving Spielman Father of Rose Spielman
  Lillian Rubenstein Mother of Judy Oppenheim
  Minnie Kaufman Mother of Nettie Levine
  Pearl Zaretsky Grandmother of Jessica Engel
  Shirley Deneroff Mother of Jeralyn Salomon
Sat 1/13 Louis Yanofsky Father of Andrea Smith
  Louis Yanofsky Grandfather of Carrie Smith
  Louis Yanofsky Grandfather of Emily Smith
  Morris Green Father of David Green
  Richard Robbins Father of Phyllis Mandel
  Roger L. Coleman Husband of Dalia Coleman
Sun 1/14 Abraham Wildstein Father of Stephen Wildstein
  Ira Allman Cousin of Eileen Swirsky
  Louis Mangen Uncle of Marc Mangen
  Louis Mangen Uncle of Susan Calaluce
  Muriel Feldman Mother of Karen Mendelsohn
  Muriel Feldman Mother of Neil Feldman
  Salomon Prins Father of John Prins
  Sylvia Miller Grandmother of Ellen Davis
Mon 1/15 Abraham Singer Grandfather of Debra Leibovitch
  Beatrice Makowsky Mother In Law of Carol Hornreich
  Beatrice Makowsky Grandmother of Dina Hornreich
  Beatrice Makowsky Grandmother of Howard Hornreich
  Beatrice Makowsky Great Grandmother of Paula Hornreich
  Lena Kabakoff Mother of Irwin Kabakoff
  Melvin Grower Father of Kathy Barkin
  Mildred Shapiro Aunt of Marla Beck
  Mildred Shapiro Great Aunt of Michelle Lakin
Tues 1/16 Janet Gutkin Mother of Andrea Joseph
  Maxine Barnett Friedman Mother of Malcolm Friedman
  Rose Menaker Mother of Michael Menaker
Wed 1/17 Anna Gewirtzman Grandmother of Aleta Glassner
  Esther Steinbach Grandmother of Robert Steinbach
  Esther Steinbach Grandmother of Marla Beck
  Fay Seltzer Mother of Arthur Seltzer
  Leah Fritz Mother of Delores Spector
Thur 1/18 Esther Heller Mother of Linda Greengas
  Lawrence Dragunoff Father of Robert Dragunoff
Fri 1/19 Alan Selman Brother of Marcia Kuchuk
  Bernice Margolis Mother of David Margolis
  Bernice Margolis Mother of Lauren Ortman
  Janie Bernard Wife of Stuart Bernard
  Judith Scolnic Mother of Rabbi Benjamin Scolnic
Sat 1/20 Alice Alpert Mother of Edith Slossberg
  Jean Cohen Aunt of Carol Katz
  Jean Cohen Great Aunt of Alisa Oppenheim
Sun 1/21 Simon Fischer Father of David Fischer
  Walter Moscovitz Father of Marion Garsten
  Walter Moscovitz Grandfather of Bryan Garsten
  Walter Moscovitz Great Grandfather of David Garsten
  Walter Moscovitz Great Grandfather of Max Garsten
Mon 1/22 Eugene Krinick Husband of Selma Krinick
  Harry Goldslager Father of Gail Greenberg
  Harry Goldslager Grandfather of Jennifer Weissman
  Joseph Garcia Husband of Rosalie Garcia
  Joseph Garcia Father of Mark Garcia
Tues 1/23 Beverly Pollack Mother of Leslie Pollack
  Beverly Pollack Grandmother of Daniel Wenning
  Irving H Blaustein Father of Janet Kublin
  Jacob Frank Father of Steven Frank
  Julia Flowers Mother of Phyllis Insler
  Sharon Moskowitz Sister of Andrew Moskowitz
Wed 1/24 Bernard Paroly Father of Bette Kozak
  Bernard Paroly Grandfather of Scott Kozak
  Nathan Cohen Uncle of Marla Beck
  Samuel Popick Uncle of Eta Kaplan
  Simon Klatzko Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
Thur 1/25 Donald Perlroth Husband of Charlotte Perlroth
  Judith Blum Sister of Ira Lippman
  Sophie Kaplan Grandmother of Marc Mangen
  Sophie Kaplan Grandmother of Susan Calaluce
Fri 1/26 Beatrice Riback Aunt In Law of Harvey Massey
  Beverly Miller Green Aunt of Ellen Davis
  Leisor Juda Grandfather of Geraldine Ganezer
  Mariam Prins Mother of John Prins
  Mark Lidsky Jr Brother of Carol Evans
  Sylvia Kaplan Mother of Mark Kaplan
Sat 1/27 Burton Slossberg Husband of Edith Slossberg
  Burton Slossberg Father of David Slossberg
  Burton Slossberg Father of Sheryl Sadinsky
  David Bloomenthal Father of Elaine Salinger
  David Bloomenthal Grandfather of Aaron Salinger
  David Bloomenthal Grandfather of Amy Salinger
  Gertie Brenner Mother of Stephen Brenner
  Jordan Abeshouse Father of Tevin Abeshouse
  Malvina Herskovitz Grandmother of Sherri Sosensky
  Marilyn B. Margolis Mother of Arnold Margolis
  Sidney Steinbach Father of Robert Steinbach
  Sidney Steinbach Father of Marla Beck
  Sidney Steinbach Grandfather of Michelle Lakin
  Sidney Steinbach Great Grandfather of Aaron Lakin
  Sidney Steinbach Great Grandfather of Jacob Lakin
  Sidney Steinbach Great Grandfather of Shayna Lakin
Sun 1/28 Aaron Katzman Grandfather of Rabbi Stuart Seltzer
  Aaron Katzman Grandfather of Richard Seltzer
  Benny Kleinfeld Father of Ira Kleinfeld
  David Greenblatt Brother of Tobi Brown
  David Mordechai Rodov Father of Matvey Rodov
  Harry Thaler Father of Susan Abramson
Mon 1/29 Abraham Willis Father of Diane Alderman
  Fannie Levinson Grandmother of Carol Evans
  Ira Greene Father of David Z. Greene
  Marvin Bargar Husband of Mitzi Bargar
  Philip Lassman Father of Naomi Flaum
Tues 1/30 Frank Kohn Grandfather of Carol Robbins
  Rebecca Cohen Grandmother of Robert Steinbach
  Rebecca Cohen Grandmother of Marla Beck
  Rebecca Cohen Great Grandmother of Michelle Lakin
Wed 1/31 Anne Nossen Sister of Ruth Kleinfeld
  Benjamin Adler Grandfather of Marci Petterson
  David Schrager Father of Roy Schrager
  Evelyn Heller Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Pamela Kunz Sister of Sharon Wise
Thur 2/1 Elane Weiss Mother of Amy Friedman
  Louis Arshinoff Father of Reva Malina
  Morris Oppenheim Father of Gerald Oppenheim
  Robert Ackerberg Father of Anna Garsten
  Sy Kaplan Husband of Eta Kaplan
  Sy Kaplan Father of Michelle Krupel
  Sy Kaplan Father of Robyn Buchter
Fri 2/2 Emanuel Smith Father of Michael Smith
  Emanuel Smith Grandfather of Carrie Smith
  Emanuel Smith Grandfather of Emily Smith
  Evelyn Silverman Sister-in-law of Robert Zuk
  Evelyn Silverman Aunt of Rachel Zuk
  Nathan Spector Brother of

Morris Spector

Sat 2/3 Ida Holland Grandmother of Jennifer Korwitz
  Sam Seif Father of Martha Simpson
Sun 2/4 Lillian Greene Sister of David Z. Greene
  Philip Bear Father of Jacqueline Kronenberg
  Philip Bear Father of Stuart Bear
  Synnove Ulfsey Aunt of Linda Sadinsky
Mon 2/5 Diana Hubelbank Aunt In Law of Harvey Massey
  Edith Levy Mother of Paula Rudnick
  Gertrude Goldberg Mother In Law of Esther Kaplan
  Gertrude Goldberg Mother In Law of Eta Kaplan
  Harold Garber Father of Heidi Vernick
  Laszlo Alexander Father of George Alexander
  Norman Caplan Uncle of Stuart Caplan
  Rhea Frohman Levine Mother In Law of Florence Frohman
Tues 2/6 Anne Lazerson Grandmother of Jacqui Schulefand
  Herman Weiner Father of Richard Weiner
  Lawrence Hendel Brother of Beverly Tcath
Wed 2/7 Ada Slobin Sister of Toby Gillman
  Adrienne Olshin Wife of George Olshin
  Betty Simpson Kovener Mother of Sandra Kerzner
  Emma Kahn Grandmother of Arlene Faiman
  Florence Soffer Raucher Mother of Steven Raucher
  Harold Fisher Father of Janice Madow
  Joseph Swirsky Father of David Swirsky
  Mildred Berns Mother of Edward Berns
  Morris Minisky Father of Stewart Mininsky
  Zalman Levin Father of Esther Laskin
Thur 2/8 Aaron Ignal Father of Arlene Levinson
  Aaron Ignal Father of Carol Katz
  Abe Malina Father In Law of Reva Malina
  Harold Lebowitz Grandfather of Hali Moses
Fri 2/9 Arnold Mangen Father of Marc Mangen
  Arnold Mangen Father of Susan Calaluce
  Harriet Kaplan Mother of Edward Kaplan
  Louis Carlow Grandfather of Susan Friedson
  Ruth Warner Mother of Mark Warner
Sat 2/10 Anna Lebowitz Grandmother of Hali Moses
  Anne Schulman Mother of Edward Schulman
  Ruth Gonopolsky Mother In Law of Stephen Wildstein
  Ruth Kerzner Mother in law of Sandra Kerzner
  Ruth Topp Mother In Law of Michael Nabel
  Saul Vinokur Father of Bruce Vinokur
Sun 2/11 Benjamin Ortman Grandfather of William Ortman
  Clara Field Great Grandmother of Brian Lakin
  Maurice Levy Father of Paula Rudnick
  Morris Seigel Father of Warren Seigel
  Philip Brandfon Uncle of Heidi Vernick
  Rose Rottenberg Mother of Toby Gillman
Mon 2/12 Daniel Abraham Wurcel Son of Jill Wurcel
  Martin Steinberg Brother In Law of Ruth Ann Steinberg
  Steven Reifler Brother of Michael Reifler
  Susan Fain Cousin of Gordon Fain
  Susan Fain Cousin of Lila Fain
Tues 2/13 Anna Levine Grandmother of Gayle Slossberg
  Dora Caplan Grandmother of Stuart Caplan
  Gussie Shiner Israel Grandmother of Ellen Dworkin
  Gussie Shiner Israel Grandmother of Steven Shiner
  Ishiya Mayzlina Father of Fanya Mayzlina
  Jack Frohman Brother In Law of Florence Frohman
  Nelle Gold Aunt of Sambra Weissman
  Samuel Weiss Father of Alan Weiss
Wed 2/14 Elinor Katz Mother of Peter Katz
  Morris Hyatt Grandfather of Lawrence Hyatt
Thur 2/15 Frances Hecht Mother of Geoffrey Hecht
  Frank Romeo Jr Father of Michael Romeo
  Janice Abramowitz Cousin of Deborah Wilkenfeld
  Kenneth Davis Brother of Jeffrey Davis
  Louis Hasson Father of Jonathan Hasson
Fri 2/16 Harold Bauman Brother of Esther Bauman Fisser
  Kenneth Abrams Brother of Janet Kipperman
  Kenneth Abrams Father of Scott Abrams
  Kenneth Abrams Father of Todd Abrams
  Robert Buchter Husband of Robyn Buchter
  Sol Zuckerman Father In Law of Alvin Rosenbaum
  Tillie Kaplan Mother of Hermene Schrager
Sat 2/17 Beatrice Bauer Mother of Charles Rhodes
  David Robbins Husband of Carol Robbins
  David Robbins Father of Matthew Robbins
  David Robbins Father of Melissa Robbins
  Ruth Savitt Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
Sun 2/18 Harold Ross Father of Nancy Smith
  Harry Steinberg Father In Law of Ruth Ann Steinberg
  Jose Francisco Flores Father of Annie Hourwitz
  Jose Francisco Flores Father In Law of Stanley Hourwitz
  Louis Marcus Father of I Deborah Braun
  Toby Nathanson Mother of William Nathanson
Mon 2/19 Beatrice Vinokur Mother of Bruce Vinokur
  Felix Heiger Father In Law of Edith Heiger
  Harry Tick Grandfather of Gary Drucker
  Mabel Freed Mother of Florence Frohman
  Richard B Croll Friend of Henry Cohen
  Richard B Croll Friend of Sharon Cohen
  Sarah Bushell Mother of Rhoda Bernard
Tues 2/20 Alicia “Bonnie” Goldberg Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Eli Solcoff Father of Phyllis Sykes
  Sadie Chasnoff Grandmother In Law of Hyla Chasnoff
Wed 2/21 Carol Scharf Mother of Edward Scharf
  Carol Scharf Mother of Gary Scharf
  Morris Goldberg Father of Susan Rothbard
  Rebecca Lurie Mother of Marvin Lurie
Thur 2/22 Edward Shiner Grandfather of Ellen Dworkin
  Edward Shiner Grandfather of Steven Shiner
  Gloria Fried Mother of Michael Kopman-Fried
  Irene Wise Mother In Law of Sharon Wise
  Lillian Fleischman Mother of Harlene Kravet
Fri 2/23 Blossom Rose Mother of Steven Rose
  Harold Rudnick Father of Marjorie Rogers
  Sybil Michelman Sister In Law of Beverly Tcath
Sat 2/24 Rita J Marcus Mother of Meryl Alpert
  Simon Niebloom Father In Law of Ann Niebloom
Sun 2/25 Eleanor Kuperstein Mother of Matthew Kuperstein
  Helen Suslew Mother of Bonnie Lukacs
  Irwin Weinstein Father of Jack Weinstein
  Nathan Pell Father of Cathy Burwick
Mon 2/26 Alex Poll Grandfather of Jeffrey Shankman
  Jacqueline Krupel Mother of Jeffrey Krupel
  Joseph Kerzner Father in law of Sandra Kerzner
  Lynn Gutkin Daughter of Bryna Gutkin
  Samuel Garber Grandfather of Heidi Vernick
  Sherman Bogdanoff Father of Karen Bogdanoff
  Yehuda Blitzer Great Grandfather of Meri Harary
Tues 2/27 Abraham Houser Father of Suzanne Nathanson
  Anne Raskin Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Benjamin Doublestein Uncle of Wayne Shore
  Edward Oberman Brother of Debbie Oberman
  Fannie Franchel Mother of Nettie Segal
  Julius Moskowitz Father of Andrew Moskowitz
Wed 2/28 Frida Gitelmahr Mother of Monya Krivoruk
  Hope Rudolph Meltser Sister In Law of Joan Rudolph
  Jack Brookstein Father of Phyllis Ide
  Jerome Cohen Brother of Lenore Fromkin
  Louis Lurie Father of Marvin Lurie
  Morris Menaker Father of Michael Menaker
  Ralph Burwick Father of Michael Burwick
  Siegfried Steinberger Grandfather of Arlene Faiman
  Walter Suslak Uncle of Jack Weinstein
Thur 2/29 Edith Gillman Mother of Cherni Gillman
  Grace Rossabi Mother of Meyer Rossabi
  Herman Sheppard Father of Fay Sheppard
  Liev Jonah Sorscher-Raucher Grandson of Steven Raucher
  Liev Jonah Sorscher-Raucher Grandson of Gail Raucher
  Louis Rottenberg Father of Toby Gillman
  Marvin Miller Husband of Roselyn Miller
  Miriam Mandel Mother of Sam Mandel
  Sidney Druckman Father of Nancy Cohen
Fri 3/1 Benjamin Epstein Grandfather of Cynthia Popoli
  Dorothy Noretsky Sister of Morris Spector
  Dorothy Seif Mother of Martha Simpson
  Taube Juda Grandmother of Geraldine Ganezer
Sat 3/2 Edward Fleischman Father of Harlene Kravet
  Murray Stein Uncle of Diana Lager
  Murray Stein Uncle of Linda Lager
  Silvia Zeidner Aunt of Geraldine Ganezer
Sun 3/3 Beverly Ruth Hodes Mother of Jill Brown
  Beverly Ruth Hodes Mother In Law of Stephen Brown
  Mildred Moskowitz Mother of Marilyn Vinokur
Mon 3/4 Edward Horowitz Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Eugene Chasnoff Father In Law of Hyla Chasnoff
  Florence Berman Mother of Charles Berman
  Judy Holland Mother of Jennifer Korwitz
Tues 3/5 Irma Allinson Mother of Aaron Allinson
  Molly Carlow-Becker Grandmother of Susan Friedson
  Norman Shankman Father of Jeffrey Shankman
  P. Scott Hollander Friend of Michelle Murphy
  Robert Levine Uncle of David Margolis
  Robert Levine Uncle of Lauren Ortman
Wed 3/6 Erna Lukacs Mother of Roy Lukacs
  Gitel Tova Blitzer Aunt of Meri Harary
  Hilda Delson Aunt of Joel Garsten
  Justin Glickson Father of Nina Glickson
Thur 3/7 Ida Beck Mother In Law of Marla Beck
  Jacob Katz Grandfather of Hali Moses
  Joseph Heller Father of Linda Greengas
  Molly Gursky Mother of Elaine Joseph Kagan
Fri 3/8 Abraham Lippman Father of Ira Lippman
  Alfred Spaner Father of Howard Spaner
  Alfred Spaner Grandfather of Stacey Wyner
  Arthur Kleinberg Husband of Abby Kleinberg
  Jacob Olshin Father of George Olshin
Sat 3/9 Belle Winnick Peck Mother of Ellen Nathanson
  Carl Schnipper Father of Valerie Lemel
  Joseph Smith Father of Harold Smith
  Lester Margolis Father of David Margolis
  Lester Margolis Father of Lauren Ortman
  Mitchel Garber Uncle of Heidi Vernick
Sun 3/10 Leon Kaplan Father of Hermene Schrager
  Stanley Stein Brother of Patricia Caplan
  Stanley Stein Husband of Barbara Stein
  Stanley Stein Father of Lawrence Stein
Mon 3/11 Lillian Zelcovitz Mother of Betty Litto
Tues 3/12 Jeffrey Saguta Brother of William Saguta
  Louis Levy Grandfather of Paula Rudnick
Wed 3/13 Lillian Shaw Mother of Judith Warner
  Sophia Carpinella Mother In Law of Linda Carpinella
Thur 3/14 Linda Moskowitz Mother of Andrew Moskowitz
Fri 3/15 Marvin Shiner Father of Ellen Dworkin
  Marvin Shiner Father of Steven Shiner
  Morris Bronen Father of Richard Bronen
Sat 3/16 Beverly Levy Mother of Perri Levy
  Sylvia Mininsky Mother of Stewart Mininsky
Mon 3/18 Lillian Mendlestein Mother of Charles Mendlestein
Tues 3/19 Cecile Manela Mother of Miriam Fried
  Paula Belkin Greenbaum Grandmother of Sherri Sosensky
  Shirley Bernstein Aunt of Gail Greenberg
Wed 3/20 David Feinmark Grandfather of Andrew Kipperman
  Julius Balaban Step Father of Sherri Sosensky
Fri 3/22 Edith “Elayne” Matican Mother of Gary Matican
  Edith “Elayne” Matican Mother of Neil Matican
Sat 3/23 Harold Cohen Father of Bernie Cohen
  Stanley Goldstein Father of Marc Goldstein
  Stanley Goldstein Father of Ellen Isaacson
  Sylvia Dvorchik Mother In Law of David Stern
Sun 3/24 Beatrice Fisher Mother of Janice Madow
  Evelyn Zaris Mother of Joan Levine
  Herman Mandel Father of Sam Mandel
  Hyman Aaron Warner Father of Mark Warner
  Kenneth Matloff Step Father of Valerie Lemel
Mon 3/25 Evelyn Smith Mother of Michael Smith
  Evelyn Smith Grandmother of Carrie Smith
  Evelyn Smith Grandmother of Emily Smith
  Israel Katz Father of Michael Katz
  Israel Katz Father of Daniel Katz
Tues 3/26 William Evans Uncle of Joel Evans
Wed 3/27 Benjamin “Buddy” Cohen Husband of Alberta Cohen
Thur 3/28 Leonard Shore Son of Wayne Shore
  Leonard Shore Son of Barbara Shore
Fri 3/29 Liuba Krivoruk Mother In Law of Monya Krivoruk
  Stephen Miller Brother of Cindy Miller
Sat 3/30 Harry Watstein Father of George Watstein
  Teagan Hawkins Friend of Emily Weissman
Tues 4/2 Bernard Spiegel Step Father of Kenneth Dworkin
  Claire Volain Mother of Dean Volain
  Morris Moskowitz Father of Marilyn Vinokur
  Ruth Barnett Grandmother of Malcolm Friedman
Wed 4/3 Bessie Katz Grandmother of Hali Moses
  Sylvia Leffand Grandmother of Jeffrey Krupel
Thur 4/4 Gerald Putterman Husband of Miriam Putterman
  Gerald Putterman Father of Hallie Putterman
  Gerald Putterman Father of Joshua Putterman
Sat 4/6 Fred Berns Father of Edward Berns
  Victoria Bashy Mother of Aboud Bashy
Tues 4/9 Bernard Meltzer Brother In Law of Helene Meltzer
  Rachamim Cohen Father of Dalia Medin
  Solomon Drucker Father of Gary Drucker
  Sophie Greenberg Grandmother of Ellen Davis
Wed 4/10 Amy Ruhlman Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Chaim Blitzer Grandfather of Meri Harary
  J. Lawrence Tanenbaum Husband of Diane Tanenbaum
  Larry Rosen Friend of Debbie Oberman
  Miriam Goldberg Ozeck Mother of Floyd Ozeck
  Miriam Goldberg Ozeck Grandmother of Abram Ozeck
  Miriam Goldberg Ozeck Grandmother of Sam Ozeck
  Siegfried Moses Father of Larry Moses
  Theodore Buslovitz Father of Cynthia Popoli
Thur 4/11 Estelle Weiss Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
  Milton Greenhouse Father of Lorrie Gardella
  Richard Garsten Father of Joel Garsten
  Richard Garsten Grandfather of Bryan Garsten
  Richard Garsten Great Grandfather of David Garsten
  Richard Garsten Great Grandfather of Max Garsten
  Ruth Kleinfeld Wolf Mother of Ira Kleinfeld
Fri 4/12 Jacob Freed Father of Florence Frohman
  Norma Ruff Greeenblatt Mother of Tobi Brown
  Richard Fromkin Husband of Lenore Fromkin
  Sidney Comen Friend of Temple Beth Sholom
Sat 4/13 Bertha Bloom Mother of Deborah Kabakoff
  Bill Silverman Father of Rebecca Silverman
  Bill Silverman Friend of Carole Cohen
  Jerome Stockhammer Father of Susan Squire
  Myrna Kagan Wife of Donald Kagan
  Rebecca Bloom Grandmother of Deborah Kabakoff
  Rita Brookstein Mother of Phyllis Ide
  Sonya Altshuler Grandmother of Deborah Kabakoff
Sun 4/14 Dan Selman Father of Marcia Kuchuk
  David Rosenfeld Grandfather of Leslie Pollack
  Estelle Schulefand Mother of Dean Schulefand
  Estelle Schulefand Mother of Steve Schulefand
  George Bargar Father In Law of Mitzi Bargar
  Gilbert H Winnick Father of Joshua Winnick
  Harry Zysman Father of Anne Schulman
  Hyman Laskin Father of Martin Laskin
  Isaac Kalina Grandfather of Eric Ravid
  William Clompus Grandfather of Susan Friedson
Mon 4/15 Louis Solcoff Grandfather of Barry Solcoff
  Louis Solcoff Grandfather of Phyllis Sykes
  Robert Zomback Father of Neal Zomback
Tues 4/16 David H Romeo Son of Michael Romeo
  Louis Weinstein Grandfather of Bart Casper
  Mollie Trosch Mother of Sharon Engel
  Mollie Trosch Grandmother of Jonathan Engel
  Morris Englander Grandfather of Marci Petterson
  Ruth Gutherz Mother of Daniel Gutherz
  Natalie Rachel Romeo Daughter of Michael Romeo
Wed 4/17 Ruth Specht Mother of Janet Dorsey
Thur 4/18 Edith Kupper Grandmother In Law of Hyla Chasnoff
  Faye Zimmerman Davis Mother In Law of Ellen Davis
  Harry Lefkowitz Father of Arleen Mathewson
  Harry Lefkowitz Grandfather of Dina Mathewson
  Harry Lefkowitz Grandfather of Todd Mathewson
  Ida Geller Weiner Mother of Richard Weiner
  Ida Shiner Mother of Ellen Dworkin
  Ida Shiner Mother of Steven Shiner
  Jeannie Beck Friend of Marla Beck
  Saul Paroly Great Grandfather of Scott Kozak
  Walter Saguta Father of William Saguta
Fri 4/19 Beatrice Perkes Abrams Grandmother of Todd Abrams
  Beatrice Perkes Abrams Grandmother of Scott Abrams
  Celine Harary Aunt of Meyer Rossabi
  Arnold Hyman Husband of Gertrude Hyman
  Arnold Hyman Father of Simeon Hyman
  Irving Stein Uncle of Diana Lager
  Irving Stein Uncle of Linda Lager
  Mollie Brandfon Grandmother of Heidi Vernick
Sat 4/20 Harry Alpert Uncle of Stuart Caplan
  Harry Hornreich Father In Law of Carol Hornreich
  Harry Hornreich Grandfather of Dina Hornreich
  Harry Hornreich Grandfather of Howard Hornreich
  Harry Hornreich Great Grandfather of Paula Hornreich
  Lillian Fromkin Mother In Law of Lenore Fromkin
  Robert Rothman Father of Michelle Murphy
  Selma Schreiber Friend of Patricia Caplan
Sun 4/21 Gertrude Shkolnik Sheppard Mother of Fay Sheppard
  Gloria Black Wife of Melvin Black
  Jane Rosenblatt Mother of Gregory Rosenblatt
  Margarete Wasser Mother of Esther Alexander
Mon 4/22 David Kozak Husband of Bette Kozak
  David Kozak Father of Scott Kozak
  Lillian Hurwitz Grandmother of Staci Glazier
  Ralph Tyler Jr Husband of Brenda Moore
  Ralph Tyler Jr Father of Bryan Moore
Tues 4/23 Anne Lager Mother of Diana Lager
  Anne Lager Mother of Linda Lager
  Barnett Kipperman Grandfather of Andrew Kipperman
  Gussie Alpert Grandmother of Stuart Caplan
  Judy Evans Aunt of Joel Evans
  Samuel Rubenstein Father of Judy Oppenheim
  Shirley Dragunoff Mother of Robert Dragunoff
  Yale Lidsky Father of Carol Evans
  Yale Lidsky Grandfather of Douglas S Evans
  Yale Lidsky Grandfather of Jodi Caponera
Wed 4/24 Edward Brown Father of Pam Warner
  Samuel Wolfson Father In Law of Michael Menaker
  Surah Belkin Great Grandmother of Sherri Sosensky
  Teri Scheinzeit Sister of Cynthia Hecht
Thur 4/25 David Leon Kaplan Father of Edward Kaplan
  Linda Anderson Cousin of Harvey Massey
  Linda Anderson Friend of Michelle Murphy
  Marvin Caplan Father of Stuart Caplan
  Samuel Brown Father of Stephen Brown
  Samuel Brown Father In Law of Jill Brown
Fri 4/26 Marjorie Menaker Wife of Michael Menaker
Sat 4/27 David Ben Yacov Shub Father of Ilene Lefland
  Eileen Butanowitz Grandmother of George Spencer
  Elliott Kerzner Husband of Sandra Kerzner
  Frances Ullman Mother of David Ullman
  Fred Gillman Brother of Simeon Gillman
  Moris Tcath Husband of Beverly Tcath
Sun 4/28 Beatrice Kaye Aunt of Arlene Campeau
  Divine Bayer Mother of Sambra Weissman
  Malcolm Eldrich Father of John Eldrich
  Ronald Rhodes Brother of Charles Rhodes
  Sheldon Madow Brother of Neal Madow
Mon 4/29 David Steinberg Cousin of Ruth Ann Steinberg
Tues 4/30 Albert Finkel Father In Law of Marvin Lurie
  Albert Finkel Grandfather of Amy Schulman
  Albert Finkel Grandfather of Paul Lurie
  Helene Borenstein Mother of Marcia Borenstein
  Sylvia Heiger Mother In Law of Edith Heiger
Wed 5/1 Ada Lois Miller Fish Mother of Debbie Kaye
  Gerald Stern Father of David Stern
  Ina W Golub Sister of Mark Warner
  Mildred Stambovsky Sister of Delores Spector
Thur 5/2 Alfred Ullman Father of David Ullman
  Bertha Katz Mother of Ann Niebloom
  Natalie Kliger Mother of Marcia Freedman
Fri 5/3 Donna Allinson Wife of Aaron Allinson
  Donna Allinson Mother of Rabbi Sara Metz
  Donna Allinson Mother of Steven Allinson
  Eleanor Barron Mother of Howard Barron
  Estelle Stern Mother of David Stern
  Florence Biller Mother of Jon Biller
  Florence Biller Mother of Sandra Biller
  Florence Biller Mother of Patti Biller
  Florence Biller Mother In Law of Karen Biller
  Gertrude Tcath Mother In Law of Beverly Tcath
  Herbert Feldman Father of Karen Mendelsohn
  Herbert Feldman Father of Neil Feldman