September 2018:

Growing up, most, if not all of us, played “Follow the Leader”. It is my hope that more of us will take turns being leaders and followers. Active synagogue involvement can be achieved through both leading and following, Becoming involved, however, does not necessarily mean involvement on the Board of Directors. In June, I was thrilled to see that many Board positions, including officers, were filled by people who have either not served on the Board previously, or decided to return after a hiatus. (more…)


August 2018:

As we head into the High Holiday season, I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing summer with friends and family. In my time at TBS, I have observed that history is one thing that our members speak of with great pride. I am reminded of this whenever talking with a longtime member or someone who grew up in the shul, and see the smiles that come from these memories. Equally as important as our history, is the present and future of TBS. (more…)


June 2018:

I may look familiar to you, even if we haven’t yet met. Over the past few years, Brian Lakin and I have been mistaken for one another countless times, and I can’t think of a better guy to be confused with. Brian – thank you for your dedicated service and leadership as President. It was an honor to be on your Board. (more…)


May 2018:

I had several ideas for topics to write about as my last bulletin article of my term. As I sit in the synagogue library, because I have no power, internet or phone service at home due to the recent tornado, I have rethought all of them. (more…)


April 2018:

Spring is finally here. Well, sort of. Regardless of the temperature outside, the calendar says that it’s time for our spring holidays and activities. We have B’nai Mitzvah, we have holidays, we have fundraisers and social action activities. We have classes for young and old and both Men’s Club and Sisterhood have a full schedule of programs coming up. Chances are excellent that we have something going on this spring to pique your interest. (more…)


March 2018:

Spring is here, and with it comes a full calendar at TBS. B’nai Mitzvah season is upon us, along with Pesach, The Catskills at TBS, the First Annual Kosher Brisket Challenge and a flurry of events and activities throughout the many arms of the synagogue. (more…)


February 2018:

As some of you may know, we are now beginning to prepare our committee and synagogue-wide budget for our next fiscal year. This is a complicated process that involves many hours from our volunteers, who are tasked with developing a balanced budget each year. Our synagogue’s budget is funded primarily through our dues charges however we do run fundraisers throughout the year to help to cover some of our operational costs. (more…)


January 2018:

February starts an exciting time for our congregation. Our Nominating Committee will begin the task of soliciting people to be Board members, Trustees and Officers for the coming year. This is a difficult task, as there are many positions to be filled this time aroun (more…)


December 2017:

As many of you know, my family suffered the loss of my Father to cancer shortly before Thanksgiving. Although we knew that he was sick, this still caught us by surprise as he was relatively healthy and doing well just a few weeks before. (more…)