Nazism on America’s Doorstep

When self-righteousness and moral superiority take the helm—beware!

By: Michael Laitman – June 16, 2017 – Exclusive to World Israel News


When cold-blooded murder is committed, and even encouraged, in the name of liberalism, a serious alarm should ring throughout the country. Left unchecked, Nazism will grip the land of the free. (more…)



You shall dwell in Sukkot seven days. . . In order that future generations will know that I made the Israelites live in Sukkot when I brought them out of the land of Egypt. [Leviticus 23:42, 43] (more…)


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IM Issue 147 – October 2020

White House Ceremony Celebrates New Era for Israel, UAE and Bahrain

Benjamin Netanyahu has complained for years about Arab leaders telling their people one thing in Arabic and diplomats saying another to Western audiences in English.

Not on this occasion. (more…)


October 2020: Gut Yontif

Harry S. Truman was President, at the 500 Club in Atlantic City, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis took the stage at their first show as a comedy team, gasoline was 21 cents a gallon and Frank Sinatra, Kay Kaiser and Perry Como were at the top of the song charts of the day. The year was 1946. (more…)


We Need Yarn

We Need YarnOur knitters have been providing warm hats and scarves to children and adults in our community for many years. In order to continue this mitzvah We Need Your Help. Donations of skeins of yarn or funds to purchase yarn would be greatly appreciated.Please contact Helene at 203-281-0709 to arrange pickup.Thank you  


Ritual During A Pandemic

Let’s be very basic: What is ritual? Ritual provides a model of reality, showing how to interpret the world as is, as well as a model for reality, clarifying how life ideally should be.

Ritual brings these two aspects – the “model of” and the “model for” – together.

Ritual is about order and sameness. There is comfort and security in knowing that ritual stays the same, no matter what. (more…)


IM Issue 146 – August/September 2020 REVISED

Israel and United Arab Emirates Strike Major Diplomatic Agreement

Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached a landmark accord sealed by President Trump that could presage a broader realignment in the region as the two agreed to “full normalization of relations” in exchange for Israel suspending annexation of occupied West Bank territory. (more…)