June 2024: President’s Message

As I sit down to write my final Bulletin message as the TBS President, I find myself reflecting on my Jewish identity, particularly as May unfolds as Jewish American Heritage Month. In the spirit of self-reflection, Jewish American Heritage Month prompts us to consider what aspect of our Jewish identity fills us with the most pride.

Throughout my tenure, I’ve been privileged to lead our synagogue community with unwavering dedication and commitment. From actively participating in services to organizing impactful events, from facilitating Board Meetings to engaging in community events, every moment presented an opportunity to honor and celebrate our rich Jewish heritage.

Yet, it’s the personal connections forged along the way that resonate most deeply with me. Sharing in your moments of joy and sorrow has been a privilege, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity.

As I step down from this role, I am filled with gratitude for the trust and support you have bestowed upon me. May our shared heritage continue to inspire us, guide us, and unite us in the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. L’dor v’dor – from generation to generation.


Lauren Piscitelle

TBS President