What is Wrong With This Website that $2500 Could Not Fix?

To whom it may concern…

The “What’s New” page of this website is broken. Other parts and links are misbehaving.

The likely problem is the very old version of the software originally used in 2007 to create this website. To re-establish full functionality the following steps are suggested:

  • – Install the latest version of the Joomla software, at no cost. – Done
  • – Find a Joomla version 2.5+ template that retains the current template’s aesthetics.
  • – Replace obsolete, currently used extensions with Joomla 2.5+ compatible versions.
  • – Migrate the content/data.

If you know Joomla and would like to help, please contact webmaster@tbshamden.com

August 29, 2013 – We didn’t receive any response from knowledgeable volunteers, but we did receive a professional quote of $2500. Our budget committee did not allocate the requested funds, so for the time being we are looking for a donation.