L’Chaim Lectures IX

Thursday, May 24, 2012 – 11:00 am

Jewish Military Heroes Among Us and
A History of Jews in the U.S. Military

Featured speaker Mike Romeo

The lecture and luncheon are free and open to the public.
Call Eta at (203) 281-3349 or the TBS office at (203) 288-7748.
Speaker Mike Romeo, in 30 years of his Naval Career, served world wide including three tours in Viet Nam with Navy SEALs to Intelligence Operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan for the DIA and retired as Navy Commander. As Briefing Officer to Presidents Carter and Reagan and Admirals in command of Naval Forces covering a quarter of the globe, he designed Operations Centers for Chiefs of Naval Operations of South Korea and Viet Nam. He designed and ran briefing programs for Naval Intelligence and Armed Forces Training Centers. He taught the teachers, and wrote the training programs for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He currently serves as a board member of Temple Beth Sholom, the Center for Jewish Life and Learning, the Fairfield Jewish High School and Habitat for Humanity.