Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 – 7:30 pm

Location: JCC of New Haven, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge, CT, 06525, Phone: 203-387-2424 x324

ISSO is an innovative program featuring a diverse group of reserve duty Israeli college students. Their mission is to educate, inform, and delve into conversation about the Israeli-Arab conflict by putting a human face to the IDF uniform. Participants in ISSO have had combat experience either in Gaza or Lebanon, and are all members of the StandWithUs IsraelFellowship for student leaders at the six major Israeli universities. The soldiers are prepared to discuss the moral issues involved in fighting in an urban area, where civilians are callously put at risk by terrorist organizations bent on maximizing casualties. Expert StandWithUs staff have mentored and trained them to handle the tough questions. Each soldier is prepared with their own unique personal story designed to show the human face of the IDF, highlight its moral code, and delve into the dilemmas of the Middle East conflict.

Sponsored by StandWithUs and co-sponsored by Temple Beth Sholom, the Jewish Federation and Center of Jewish Life and Learning.  StandWithUs is an international organization that provides accurate information about Israel and strives to educate people on college campuses, in synagogues, churches, etc. and is a resource for information re: Israel on the internet.