Changes to the June 14, 2010 Issue

Proposed Board of Directors approved changes to the TBS Constitution and By-Laws (effective June 14, 2010) approved at the June 17, 2014 TBS 2014 Annual Meeting.


Bold underlined text is new wording added.

Italic strikethrough wording is being  removed.




11. Obligations. No member will be issued tickets for any High Holiday services unless he/she

 is in good standing and pays the required a portion of his/her dues for the current fiscal year.


12. Application for Membership. Each application shall be accompanied  by a payment of at

least 30% of the one-quarteryear’s dues or such other amount as the Board of Directors may

determine. The membership chair will report any past obligations of members reapplying for

membership to the Board of Directors prior to voting. A vote of the majority of the members

present at such meeting shall be necessary to accept any application. The President shall send

to each new member a letter of notification of acceptance and welcome.





  1. Membership dues shall be assessed for each fiscal year. Members joining the Congregation

after the beginning of the fiscal year shall be assessed dues on a prorated basis except that such assessment shall not be less than 30% of the year’s dues than for a three month period and provided that a fractional month quarter shall be treated as a full month quarter, and provided further that anyone joining between July 1 and the High Holidays shall not be entitled to a prorating of dues. Membership dues shall be payable in advance, starting July 1st, in ten equal monthly increments. quarterly in advance. Any member who is in arrears for five six months in any financial obligation, including  but not limited to dues, school fees or building fund, shall not be in good standing, and no member shall be considered in good standing, who at the end of the fiscal year shall be indebted to the Congregation for any reason whatsoever.