TBS Social Action Committee June 2021

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Thank you to those who donated to the Diane Kaplan SocialAction Fund!

Please note that we cannot accept donations of items at TBS at this time.

Only monetary donations please!

Thank you for your generosity. Together, we are all making a difference!

Ongoing Programs:
In-person participation in all programs will resume as soon as possible. Some programs can be done from home.

  • New Reach (Formerly New Haven Home Recovery): Support the needs of this group by making Financial donations to the Diane Kaplan Fund so we may purchase the items they need. In addition, they will now accept new large-sized toiletries and new baby clothing. They are not accepting anything used, such as clothing, toys, bedding, or rugs. If you have any questions about larger items you would like to donate, please call Mia at 203-492-4866 (ext. 119) to check on their need for your items and to make an appointment to deliver them.   Call Fran Parness with any questions at 203-430-7362.
  • IRIS: Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to help refugees and other displaced people establish new lives. With your monetary donations, we purchase new baby items such as shampoos, wipes, diapers, bibs, and washcloths. Support the needs of this group by making Donations to the Diane Kaplan Fund so we may purchase the items they need. Call Fran Parness at 203-430-7362.
  • Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen: DESK has moved into its new home on State Street in New Haven. They are providing a spectrum of service for people who are homeless. We hope to be able to join them there in 2021 and have our usual volunteer opportunities. For now, monetary donations are being accepted. See DESK (https://www.deskct.org) for other ideas on how you can help. Contact Gary Drucker at gdknix@gmail.com
  • Knitting Project: We are all set with yarn at the present. We need knitters to make hats and scarves. Thank you to all our knitters for their dedication and time! If you would like to be a knitter, Contact Helene Meltzer at 203-281-0709
  • L. Keefe Center: Your monetary donations allow us to purchase supplies for summer programs and the coming school year. Because of Covid 19, we are not accepting donations of items at the Temple at this time. Call Randy Berns at 203-248-0286.
  • Partnerships Adult Day Center: We are supporting the Center with gift cards to Shop Rite to help provide items needed at the Center for lunch and client activities. For further information contact Marjorie Drucker mdrocks2@gmail.com
  • Fresh Fruit Program: The fresh fruit delivery program is back in action. We need volunteers to deliver fresh fruit for July and August. The first new volunteer will receive a gift card. Note that Martha’s Place and Life Haven are just as concerned about everyone’s health and safety as we are, so deliveries can be “” Contact Deborah Wilkenfeld Wilkenfeld_deborah@yahoo.com.
  • Collecting Pop Tabs for Ronald Mc Donald House: Please collect your tabs and bring them to TBS once we can return. Once we have a good amount, they will be donated for this worthwhile cause. For more info contact Gerry Ganezer at 860-620-0907 or gganezer@gmail.com
  • Tower One/Tower East: The Convenience Store has opened, and Eta is volunteering; David Bailey has resumed Tai Chi for residents. We hope to be able to help further as other programs resume. Call Eta Kaplan at 203-281-3349.
  • Sleeping Giant Build Habitat for Humanity: Please save your extra seedlings to be used for landscaping new homes. For further information contact Debby Pines debby@snet.net

Our committee thanks you for your continued support

Marjorie, Co-Chairperson: Contact at Mdrocks2@gmail.com or 203-248-1046;

Debby. Co-Chairperson: Contact at Debby@snet.net or 203-389-2224Teamwork