A Different Passover This Year

A Different Passover This Year
Dear Friend,
Why is this Passover going to be different from every other Passover?
Passover is going to be very different this year because we are going to have to think through every bit of social contact, even with our loved ones.
Passover is going to be very different at Temple Beth Sholom this year because while we have held a very successful Second Seder for years now, we cannot have a public Seder this year.
This is all very difficult and emotional. We have thought a lot about how we can help. Since most of us will not be able to have the kind of Seders we are used to, we have come up with a Plan B.
We have worked with Meredith Abel-Berei at Abel’s to come up with a package Seder. We will provide Haggadahs, some thoughts for this Pesach, and boxes with the following menu:
Matzo Ball Soup (a quart)
Oven Roasted Chicken (whole chicken)
Red Bliss Potatoes
Oven Roasted Vegetable Medley
Chocolate Drizzled Macaroons
Seder Plate Ingredients including Matzoh
As we have done with our Community Seder, we will not charge for the first package for 2, but we do ask for donations. If you would like a package for more than 2, we do ask for $50 for each additional package. We appreciate that Meredith has given us a discount to her usual price.
On Wednesday morning, April 8th, you can either pick up your packages at the shul or we will happily deliver them to your home.
Please let us know as soon as you can at 203-288-7748 or BethSholomHamden@aol.com so that we can have enough for everyone who wants it.
The deadline is Monday, March 31st at 10:00AM.
We hope and pray that you are well and safe.
Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Scolnic and Josh Weissman