Well, we are finally into winter

Well, we are finally into winter. The first small snowfall of the season was not difficult and it has not been bitter cold yet, like it gets up here. But unfortunately, the Pandemic continues to be a big part of our lives. Those safety measures put in place, will continue in the synagogue. Being totally vaccinated, social distancing, mask-wearing, hand sanitizer in several places around the shul are all things to which we still need to adhere. New Air Purifiers are in place in the Sanctuary and Social Hall. They are moved to the classrooms for Sunday school. More will be coming for the classrooms, etc. Keeping everyone SAFE is a priority.


Speaking of being safe, most of us have been aware of the rise in anti-Semitic activities around the country and world especially towards synagogues and Jewish institutions. At TBS, we have a guard in place every Shabbat evening and morning, all holidays and every Sunday with Hebrew School. All our doors are locked at all times, with a key pad on the back door. We are in the process of looking into a keyless entry for the front door. We will also be applying for a nonprofit security grant again this year coming from FEMA/Homeland Security when the funds are available. On a broader level, our Federation of Greater New Haven has taken the initiative in hiring a security advisor from Security Community Network that has offices all over the country. An advisor will be coming to our shul to assess our security needs. Having this advisor will increase our safety and security. Just to let you know, Temple Beth Sholom has had no issues with security. We are being pro-active.


During these trying times, TBS has maintained its level of community. We have Shabbat services, morning and evening minyans everyday with at least 10 members. We are in the process of celebrating our 75th year as a synagogue. We have active Social Action and Staying Connected committees, as well as Adult Education and numerous other activities in which to get involved. Working together continues to move us forward. Getting involved continues to help make the synagogue a better place.