September 2017:

Depending on when you receive the bulletin, you may have an opportunity to read this right in the middle of the High Holy Days. Regardless of the timing, whether during or afterwards, I want to take this time to thank all the members of the synagogue, the various committees and the officers who take a role in preparing our congregation for these holidays.

Whether it is polishing all the silver Torah finials, replacing lightbulbs, setting up chairs or swapping out machzorim, there are tremendous people who all get together to help make us ready for these important days.

While I won’t name everyone involved in these and the many other activities necessary to make us ready, it is important for the volunteers to know that we all thank them for their contribution to making our holidays what we’ve come to expect. The work that they each put into making our sanctuary ready, preparing for the Junior Congregation services and activities, hiring our new Chazan and preparing our break fast food are all pieces of our High Holiday experience. When all runs smoothly we sometimes don’t even notice the many parts involved but without our Ushers, or our Torah readers, or our maintenance staff we would have a much, much different experience during our time of self-reflection. If you know someone who helps with any of the parts of our holiday experience, please thank them.

L’Shanah Tovah and Tzom Kal.
Brian Lakin
TBS President