November 2020:

Now that the distraction of the election is behind us, we can refocus on the issues of our daily lives. Our synagogue continues to adjust to current circumstances. Although there are few congregants in the building, we have a very active community with two and three remote events or meetings each weeknight.

Of course, we have virtual services every day, morning and evening, and Shabbat services on weekends including the newly added monthly Havdalah service.

In our Jewish history, we’ve become accustomed to adapting to unusual and difficult conditions. It’s so encouraging to see how we have continued on so well despite interference from issues beyond our control. Gary Drucker has collected turkeys for the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen and Mitch Beck and the Men’s Club have distributed vouchers for a Thanksgiving dinner at the VA. Through our Ritual Committee, Bryan Garsten has chaired making Chanukah bags to help you celebrate the Festival of Lights. Also, we have kept in contact with our members through phone calls and cards. These are only a few of our ongoing projects.
Although we have our variety of social and interactive restrictions, you wouldn’t be able to tell when looking at our Temple calendar. Of course, with the cold weather upon us, we have to be even more attentive in continuing with our COVID-19 precautions. Continue to stay safe and connected.
As we light the Chanukah candles this year, may we all pray that we will be together next year, in person, celebrating in the Temple, singing songs and eating latkes.