February 2023: President’s Message

There are two reasons why March is my favorite month.

Reason #1: It’s Purim and Purim is my favorite holiday. Purim teaches us many valuable lessons about who we are as a people and how we can overcome adversities in our own lives. It’s a holiday about unity, community, family and togetherness.

I have many great memories of celebrating Purim at TBS. When I was younger, I loved the annual Purim Carnival and playing fun games like lollipop pull, balloon shaving, win a goldfish, can knock down, and so much more. I also loved dressing up in costumes and going to the Megillah reading with my family. We all looked forward to seeing what costume the Rabbi was going to be wearing year after year (which was usually some type of “wizard”). My favorite part of the Megillah reading, though, was the Walk/Don’t Walk Sign that told the entire congregation when to grog. One year I even had the privilege of controlling it!

What are some of your favorite Purim memories? Share them with me the next time you see me – whether at an upcoming service, on Zoom, or at Purim Carnival on February 26th or the Megillah reading on March 6th.

Reason #2: My birthday is in March.

Lauren Piscitelle

TBS President