October 2023: President’s Message

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Our lay leadership, our committee chairpeople, and our committee members, are all volunteers. They are teachers, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, nurses, bankers, engineers, artists, retirees—you name it! There are many days when they go from their day jobs, their appointments, and their errands straight to the Temple.

They go to general meetings, board meetings, committee meetings, and planning meetings.


They change the Torah covers from our blue covers to our white covers for the High Holidays. They clean the Torah silver. They put away the daily prayer books and take out the Machzors. They compile and edit the annual Yachzor Book. They bring chairs and tables to Alling Street for the Annual Cemetery Service.


They discuss and decide what will be served for Oneg and Kiddush; and they shop and prepare for them, too. They also buy the challah, grape juice and wine for every service.


They paint the lines in the parking lot and fix a broken fence. They make phone calls and set up appointments to have our floors waxed, rugs cleaned, and high-ceiling light bulbs changed.


They help stuff envelopes with important information that is sent to all of your homes. They edit the weekly Temple Tablet and the monthly Bulletin and the website.


They plan programs that are educational and entertaining – that brings all of us together, whether in person or on Zoom.


It is with a grateful heart, I thank each and every one of you who continues to make every holiday experience a meaningful one; who plans and implements programs each and every month; and who makes our synagogue a welcoming one for the entire community.


Lauren Piscitelle

TBS President