May 2023: President’s Message

“Confessions of a Temple President: Part II”

It’s hard to believe that I have been TBS President for ONE YEAR. Where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday I was being installed. There has been so much that has happened this year. I’ve shared many of these things in my Bulletin messages, and you will get to hear more at the June 20, 2023 Annual Meeting. Please join us at 7:30pm (following the Board of Directors Meeting). The Annual Meeting includes reports from the Offices and Chairpeople, and a vote on the new slate of officers and on any changes to the by laws. Each member unit receives one vote. Until then, I know you have been eagerly awaiting “Confessions of a Temple President: Part II”.

1. Always remember that many hands make light work. My mom has been saying this since she was TBS President. I am in awe of how a small group of people can come together to plan something that is full of inspiration, information, and entertainment. Thank you Shira Rosenblatt and the Darkness to Light Committee. And a special thank you to our inspirational and informative speakers, Isidor Juda and Dina Roginsky; and to the talented musicians of the East Rock Klezmer Band.
2. I am always grateful. I am grateful for everyone who led and joined morning and evening minyan from May 8-18, when Rabbi Scolnic led a group to Israel. You are all ONE IN A MINYAN!
3. Say YES to something new. Several years ago, I read “A Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person” by Shonda Rhimes. For an entire year, Rhimes said ‘yes’ to things that she would normally say ‘no’ to, such as giving a commencement speech, agreeing to television interviews, attending galas, and much more. For Sisterhood’s Annual Shabbat, Shira asked if I would do a Torah reading. I thought about saying no, but I actually said yes and read my first verses from the Torah at Sisterhood Shabbat. What will I say ‘yes’ to next year?
4. I always welcome your thoughts and opinions. This past year, we held Shabbat service programs that recognized TBS committees – the most recent one being the Ritual Committee in May. What are some “special” Shabbat services that YOU would like to see next year? Would you participate in a Grandparents/Grandchild Shabbat? A monthly birthday/anniversary Shabbat?
We also held a weekend event that commemorated and celebrated Yom Hashoah and Israel Independence Day. Would you participate in another weekend-long program? Would you like to see more speakers or more entertainment? Do you have a fundraiser idea? Do you have an all-members event idea?
Some of you have been here for 40+ years, and some of you have been here for less than 5 years. You have a voice in what happens here at Temple Beth Sholom and we want to hear what you have to say.
5. I’m still a procrastinator when it comes to the bulletin. Maybe during my second year as President, I will write my messages ahead of the Bulletin deadline.

Lauren Piscitelle, TBS President