May 2021: President’s Message

I can’t believe it’s June – the end of our fiscal year. It seemed to go so quickly. I’m cautiously optimistic, because it appears we’re turning the corner on the pandemic. With vaccinations ongoing, even masks are coming off outside. Therefore, I feel comfortable in saying “WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.” Please just call the office at 203 288-7748 if you are coming in, so we know how many congregants to expect.

Although it’s been a difficult and different year, we seemed to accomplish more than would be expected. We discovered new activities and programming, new ways of communicating with our community bringing us even closer in a variety of ways. We took some chances with new fundraising ventures, and had success. Once again, I need to thank Hinda Piscitelli for all her hard work on our Comic/Mentalist night. It was lots of fun and successful for our budget line. Also, thank you to Shira Rosenblatt for coordinating all our Honoring of Our Members at our Friday night Services. The services have been warmly received and nostalgic. And, again thank you to Hinda and Lauren Piscitelli for collecting and formulating all the memories. Our programming has been interesting and innovative. Book clubs, Museum trips, Chanukah gifting, Passover meals and more.

Although this fiscal year is ending, I will continue to encourage your participation in as many events as you can next year. Especially our culminating event for our 75th Anniversary Celebration in November. It will start you on a collection of new memories.