May 2017:

In June each year our synagogue has a couple of important events, that tend to have a relatively low turnout.

The first event of note is our Annual Meeting of the Congregation, taking place on June 20th. This is an important meeting where our congregation has an opportunity to hear about what has taken place in our synagogue over the past year, and vote on who will be officers, directors and trustees for the coming year. While all of our Board of Director meetings are open to all congregants, this one is especially important and I encourage you to attend.

The second event is our Installation Service on June 23rd. This Friday night Shabbat service includes the installation of the new officers, directors and trustees for next year. I ask every one of you to show your support for this incoming batch of volunteers by coming to services and thanking them for their contribution to the success of our community.

Brian Lakin
TBS President