March 2015:

Dear Members,

One of the perks of being President is that you get to sit up on the Bimah giving you a unobstructed view of the congregants. Who are the Friday night regulars, and Saturday morning regulars, who is new, who haven’t we seen in a while? I try to make sure that after services at the oneg or the Saturday Kiddush, I go to any new people, introduce myself and welcome them to TBS.

Maybe it is an ice breaker or just a polite way to make someone comfortable in a new surrounding. Thanks to Deborah Wilkenfeld, who suggested and started the Shabbat greeters. The greeter meets and welcomes our regulars and guests to our sanctuary. We have gotten positive feedback on this.

We have many, many new members this year and it is our job, no make that our obligation, to welcome our new members. We may end up playing Jewish geography; “oh you are from wherever, do you know my Uncle Solly” you never know what develops.

As President of TBS I am always willing to meet and greet our members. There should not be any strangers at TBS. All are welcome and we should make them feel part of TBS.

Sy Kaplan