June 2013: From TBS President Bryan H. Pines

June 2013: Shavuot

Sixty five years ago, the Jewish Community Center of Hamden was formed in Centerville. This provided the opportunity for Hamden residents to experience the beauty of Judaism within their own neighborhood. These pioneers were deeply committed to improving the lives of the local community, as well as building a future home for Temple Beth Sholom in Spring Glen.

As dreams are realized, we must ask what legacy we will leave for our children. A strong foundation is maintained through our diligence and commitment to the future. Temple Beth Sholom is the Ark that will steer us safely into the future. Our synagogue is the center for Conservative Judaism in Hamden. It is where we worship, educate ourselves and our families, provide community support, and celebrate life-cycle events.

Our newly formed Legacy Committee would like to gain insight in the value you place on a strong and vibrant Jewish community. What is unique about TBS in providing for your essential needs? Lastly, what is your vision for the future of TBS? Comments and inquiries are valued and appreciated. Please send your response to the Temple office marked to my attention. Reaching our goal can only be achieved through a united effort.

Temple Beth Sholom’s Endowment Funds provide permanent income for the current and future needs of our congregation. The interest generated from these funds is necessary for our general budget. The beauty is that your contribution is maintained in perpetuity and is a continual source of income. In other words, the principal is intact, while a portion of the interest is used towards the operating budget. Our lives are enriched with special programs which are only available by growing the endowment. Necessary improvements on the physical facility also rely on increasing the endowment. Please consider discussing with a Legacy Committee member how to participate in our legacy giving initiative.

Planning for the future allows us to provide for the needs of those we will leave behind. We must concern ourselves with the world that they will inherit. By including Temple Beth Sholom in your estate planning you will insure Judaism, Torah and community will continue to flourish. Your gift guarantees the Jewish future.

Bryan H. Pines

TBS President