June 2010: Stacey and Evan

Picture this: Ten years ago a young wife goes Temple shopping. Checking out the goods our Temple has to offer, a decision is made. This young wife and her young husband buy a home in the Spring Glen neighborhood and happily join the congregation. So,  why Temple Beth Sholom? Well- she liked Rabbi Scolnic! It’s as simple as that!

Let’s fast forward five years, when Evan and Stacey Wyner’s family grows to four children and they become an integral part of our community.

Stacey, a nurse practitioner, joins Sisterhood and takes on the leadership role of Torah Vice President. She is often our lay cantor for Friday night and Saturday Shabbat services. Stacey is now coordinating the Kiddush Klub- a group of dedicated congregants who will continue to provide delectable delights for Saturday Kiddush. New members are always welcome.

Evan proudly states that during the first five years living in Hamden he was “Stacey’s husband.” His role will be changing dramatically the next two years. Certainly continuing the role as husband and father, he will be adding President of Temple Beth Sholom to his resume. Evan’s commitment to our community began during the planning stages of our renovations. He joined the committee because of his passion and experience as a mechanical engineer. Evan is a graduate of UMASS Amherst and work in building commissioning as the Director of Commissioning at Strategic Building Solutions. As a licensed professional engineer he works on projects from Massachusetts to Washington, DC.

The 2006 nominations at TBS found Evan accepting the role as House Vice President. Responsibilities include the upkeep of the roof and ceilings, repairs on the furnace, the grounds, and snow removal, coordinating safety issues at the High Holidays, and overseeing the custodial staff- one more thing, making sure the refrigerator is in working order before a Bar Mitzvah!

Evan’s “outside” interests include Scout Master for Troop 604 in Hamden. He enjoys camping all year round, taking trips to DC, Boston and Gettysburg with the troop and participating in the Memorial Day parades. His troop honors the Jewish heroes by placing flags at their graves each year. They also participate in the Memorial service held at our synagogue with the Jewish War Veterans.

Evan’s leadership skills shined when he organized and coordinated the Shabbatons at TBS. From Shabbat services, to the Kiddush meal, speakers and children programming, those attending the special days enjoyed it immensely. Evan’s goal for his term as President is to reach out to the congregants and encourage participation in services and attendance.

Evan, I wish you and your Board of Directors a very successful year and look forward to supporting you as member of this congregation.