July/August 2015:

Goodbye 5775

Hello and welcome 5776

You were a good year, 5775. We welcomed many new members and saw an increase in our Hebrew school and well as K’tanim. Our youth groups were active as were our social action people and the L’Chaim and Adult Ed.

Last year we started with our Erev Rosh Hashanah dinner (to be held again Sunday night, September 13th) and our 2nd Seder of course, is the talk of the town.

We had no major problems with our building and everything is good. That said, we cannot rest on our past successes. We must continue to attract new members and of course, retain our present members. We need more and more participation in our morning and evening Minyans. There is plenty of room in our sanctuary for Friday night and Saturday morning services as well.

I try to meet and greet new faces in our Shul. You know who I am so it would please me very much if you would stop and say hi to me. I’ll try to remember your name. Please forgive me in advance if I fail at that (getting old is for the birds).

We have many programs and committees for you to join. Take advantage and be part of Temple Beth Sholom.

From my family to yours, a wish for a healthy, happy New Year.
L’ Shana Tovah
Sy Kaplan