July/August 2013: From TBS President Bryan H. Pines

July/August 2013: From TBS President Bryan H. Pines

I would like to welcome our new Officers, Trustees, and Directors, and wish them a rewarding experience during their new term. The continued involvement of new members is the driving force that keeps our organization fresh and vibrant. New ideas and approaches are enlightening and bring enthusiasm and enjoyment to the responsibilities of the Board of Directors.


There are many ways that we can affect change and contribute to the growth of TBS. The many active committees that create our social and religious programs are interested in new volunteers to help enrich the lives of our community. It may require participation in several committees before you discover where your interests and passion lie.

During the quiet summer months, davening Shabbat and daily Minyans may be a refreshing addition to your life. It is a wonderful time to become more proficient in reading Torah, or leading a portion of the service. Even a commitment to attend a morning or evening Minyan would help those reciting Kaddish while observing a Yahrzeit.

Appreciation is also extended to the Officers, Trustees, and Directors who have recently completed their terms. The time was well spent because it is clear that your devotion for TBS has grown during your tenure. I will always value the friendship that we have made and look forward to working together in pursuit of our next goal.


Bryan H. Pines

TBS President