July 2009: Installation

Thank you, Stuart for accepting the role as Installing Officer. I have appreciated all your support you have given me this year. I would like to quote a predecessor, Shira Rosenblatt. She said to me, “Being a president of our synagogue is only a 2 year stint, but, being a past president is eternity.” I – and future presidents will be calling on you for your wisdom and expert opinions for many years to come.

Rabbi, Officers, Board members and Congregants I would like to recognize the following congregants who took on the challenging roles as officers for the past two years. Please join me on the Bimah, as I call your name; Marty Squire, Treasurer; Geoff Kanner, School Treasurer; and George Alexander, Communications Vice President. Your area of expertise has allowed the Board of Directors to run as smoothly as it does. As a representative of the congregation, I would like to thank you for your passion, time and energy that you have given and hope you will continue as an active participant on the board. The plaques that I present to you read… Presented to___________ In grateful recognition of your outstanding leadership and dedication as our_____________. Thank You.

I have a confession to make. This is as good a time, as any. My confession is that – I am a TV – addict. I love to watch television shows. It’s the time I can relax. I veg out on the couch and just watch the characters, story lines, guess the ending of a good detective story or laugh out loud at a funny line. The show ends in a half hour or an hour and I move on to the next one.

I didn’t realize how my Presidency at Temple Beth Sholom really parallels my way of relaxing at home. The characters, in the best sense of the word, are all the committee chairs, officers, board members and the congregants that I see on a weekly basis. I am living my own television show! I look forward to greeting you personally on Shabbats and smiling from the Bimah. I am learning new lines that I never thought would be in my repertoire – most in a Hebrew chant. I have learned to take direction from Rabbi Scolnic with just a nod. The characters that really warm my heart are the ones who have taken the next step in their life to complete a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony. I thank you for allowing me to be part of your life cycle events week after week. I watch you and listen to the speeches you wrote thanking your family for support. I am a part of this episode of your life.

Another time slot that was unforgettable was one that included interesting characters dressed as Moses and Pharaoh, and of course there were many characters that were very busy packing a variety of supplies that were sent to our servicemen and women.

Temple Beth Sholom doesn’t take a summer hiatus. Scripts are continually being written and edited to provide the congregation exciting programming that will always need your support. Television series do eventually come to an end and the reruns begin. Well, I don’t expect too many repeats at Temple Beth Sholom, as I venture a new season premier with some new costars. The fall and winter line up will include family Shabbatons, Adult discussion groups, children programming, a Synagogue Final Four basketball tournament, an extreme kitchen makeover, Holiday specials, daily prayers and much more. I welcome the seasoned players and new cast of characters and look forward to eventful story lines and hopefully – lots of laughs.