January 2024: President’s Message


A week before Hanukkah started, the USCJ, along with the Conservative/Masorti Movement partners, launched a hashtag campaign for Hanukkah to encourage Jews to post symbols of Jewish pride on social media. The campaign was a continuation of the solidarity efforts the Movement has been promoting since October 7, 2023.

From the USCJ about the hashtag campaign, “This year, we are focusing on the story of the Maccabees’ resistance to assimilation as a parallel to our modern-day need for Jewish pride. The Maccabees were warriors who fought to protect Jewish identity and had a fierce pride in their Jewishness, ultimately recovering the Temple and lighting the Ner Tamid, the eternal lamp of the Jewish people which still shines in synagogues around the world today. The story of the Maccabees gives us strength and resilience in the face of terror and antisemitism at home and abroad.”

Post ideas included:

  • Hanukkiot/menorahs and candle lighting
  • Hanukkah foods like latkes, sufganiyot, or any Jewish foods you love
  • Your family playing dreidel
  • The mezuzah on the front entrance of your home
  • Throwback photos from trips to Israel
  • Your Jewish collections: siddurim, kippot, dreidels, Judaica, or anything else you collect
  • Anything else that shows your Jewish pride!

Even though Hanukkah is over, it doesn’t mean we stop using #BeAMaccabee. We can continue posting, we continue showing our Jewish pride. If you’re not on Facebook, email me your photo and a description – president@tbshamden.com – and we will post it on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Am Yisrael Chai.