January 2021: President’s Message

Just as we have a hump day during the week, where we can see the weekend approaching after Wednesday, I propose a hump month – February. We might be sitting here in cold and dreary weather, but spring is well within sight. We also have Purim at the end of this month, where we are commanded to eat, drink and be happy. Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar.

It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. Covid-19 is obviously still with us, but I am proud of how our Temple community has been able to function in spite of it. We still will be celebrating Purim the same way we always have. We will read the Megillah, drink of choice, see the children in their costumes and give out Shalach manos. Michelle Lakin is thankfully chairing the fun Shalach manos fundraiser for the Hebrew School again this year. We’ve been wearing masks for protection for so long, it feels like they are a part of us now. But when we wear our masks for Purim, it will be for our traditional celebration.

It is time to choose a Nominating Committee to fill our needed Board positions for next year. This is a process outlined by our By-Laws and an important function of our Temple. Please be ready with ideas, interest and participation.

Our first 75th Anniversary Shabbat was held last month with excitement and enthusiasm. This was a great beginning to what will be our year long celebration. Also, in honor of the Anniversary celebration, we will be having a restoration of our Sanctuary Ark doors. It’s a very special project that will take about three weeks to complete. Our sincere gratitude to Stuart Bear and Cheryl Chase, Shira and Greg Rosenblatt and Sisterhood for their most generous contributions. Their contributions are carrying the heaviest load of this much needed project. We also have Dale Spaner with help from Howard Spaner and her Arts Committee putting up Jewish art in the Social Hall and throughout the building. It adds so much warmth and depth for all of us to enjoy.

As you will see, we are busy getting the Temple ready for our return. With vaccinations beginning, hopefully this will be soon.

Stay safe and stay well!