January 2016:

This year, 2016, marks 49 years at TBS for Eta and me. 49 years ago we joined TBS (we were just children).

We made friends here. Many are more than just friends. Over the years we have lost dear friends much too soon and we often think of them.

So much of our lives have been built around TBS. The good, times, and yes the sad times.

When we joined, the more “seasoned” members (I’m not in favor of saying “seniors’) greeted us and made us comfortable in our new surroundings. Neither Eta nor I were from Connecticut. I think back to those early days of working 6 days a week and coming to services with our daughters and meeting new people who formed our social circle and with whom we are still very good friends.

As the years mounted and TBS grew and we became more involved in the everyday dealings with TBS, we found that we grew as well.

We discovered that the good ship TBS does not sail by itself, it needs lots of help. It needs many hands to keep it on a straight course. Over the years we have been fortunate to have that help and yes we still need more members to get involved. We have many ways for you to get on board. Come to a Friday night service and stay for the Oneg or come to Saturday Shabbat services and stay for the wonderful kidduses, and meet the “more seasoned members”. Learn how the good ship TBS stays afloat.

Sy Kaplan