February 2024: President’s Message

This month, the Board of Directors will establish the Nominating Committee, which will be tasked with the responsibility of identifying candidates for various vacant offices, positions on the Board of Directors, and Trustee roles. Just like Groundhog Day determines if spring is just around the corner or 6 weeks away, the Nominating Committee determines what’s next for Temple Beth Sholom.

Being a leader means more than just handling tasks and showing up for meetings. That merely scratches the surface. Leadership is setting an example for others in the community. When individuals step into leadership roles (whether dipping a toe in the water or jumping in with both feet), they become catalysts for positive change and growth.

Each leader’s unique background and experience solidifies the overall strength of TBS. Their perspective ensures that we are responsive to the changing needs of our members. And every new voice contributes to the vitality of TBS.

If a member of the Nominating Committee contacts you, will you be like the Groundhog and see your shadow? This committee is full of forecasters that have insights into the vacant leadership roles. Contacting you means that they believe in you and your abilities to shine in this role. However, if leadership isn’t for you at this moment, TBS has many programs and events needing volunteers to give their time for planning and implementing these activities.

My prediction is only good things to come for our future Board of Directors. But I can only make that forecast with your commitment. These next weeks, embrace the opportunity that may be coming your way and know that all members have the capability to affirm our legacy at Temple Beth Sholom.

Lauren Piscitelle

TBS President