February 2021: President’s Message

During these unusual times, our synagogue continues to function on a positive level. Our daily minyans continue as well as our Shabbat services. And our Adult Ed Committee, Sisterhood and Men’s Club are continuing to have interesting programming.

Hinda Piscitelli and her committee are hard at work making sure we have a wonderful Temple Beth Sholom 75th Anniversary Celebration. Make sure you get your memories in. It will add so much more to your decade Shabbat service. You can email them to: TBSHamden75@gmail.com.

Passover is just a few short weeks away. Passover is the most observed holiday of all Jewish holidays. It is also my favorite holiday, with all its story, its foods and its songs. When I was growing up, we would go to my Grandmother’s house with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. My father and his three brothers would sit at one end of the table with everyone else at the other end. The men would stand and daven the Haggadah and the women would talk and take care of the children. But I got to sit next to my father, which was very special. It is a wonderful memory of our family heritage. Many of us have those same fond memories. Now, I am passing on Passover to my grandchildren, just maybe not exactly the same way.

Have a Zissen (Sweet)Pesach!