February 2016:

It’s not a case of being lazy, OK maybe it is. The point is I am not very organized. I have been lax in my personal life about answering, responding and thanking people. Thank you to all the friends and congregants who sent their get well wishes and contributions in my name.

It is a good feeling to know that people do care, that in our busy and sometimes hectic life they took the time to express their good wishes.

In the twenty months that I have had the honor of being President of Temple Beth Sholom and meeting members of other shuls, I am so proud to tell you that we are doing great. Our membership is steady, our Hebrew school is doing wonderful and the youth activities are strong and is our K’tanim. Our social action committee, the food banks, clothing and needs for the less fortunate, the little things we do without fanfare, are a source of pride.

It is cold outside, so come on in to the warmth of our daily Minyans and to the Friday night services and stay for the Oneg where we meet and greet. And of course, Shabbat services and see and hear our fellow congregants do the part of Cantor and Torah readers and stay for our kiddush, sit at our table and enjoy the warmth of our shul.

Sy Kaplan