January 2008: Help Wanted…

On Kol Nidre, I spoke about the extensive Social Action efforts made by members of Temple Beth Sholom, and of the importance of living generously, repairing the world, and setting examples for our children to follow.  I am pleased to say that the members of Temple Beth Sholom apparently are not content to rest on their laurels when it comes to Social Action.

In recent weeks, our Social Action committee has fully implemented a “midnight run” program of delivering food to the needy.  You may recall that this effort was initiated by one of our congregation’s teens.  

Our shul was one of many contacted in connection with a coat drive.  The call went out and, as we have come to expect, our coat room was flooded with donations.  I was later approached by a community leader who had organized this coat drive and thanked for Temple Beth Sholom’s efforts.  She told me that our shul’s response was among the biggest in town.  

Temple Beth Sholom is about to embark on a new and vitally important Social Action project.  It will be an on-going effort to help care for members of our congregation and of our community at-large, who have long-term health needs.  The goal of this project is to help relieve some of the anxiety and loneliness experienced by these people.

Volunteers will be asked to assist in a variety of ways, including, for example:

–  assisting with grocery shopping
–  helping with small chores such as yard work or light cleaning
–  providing a ride to the doctor
–  being a friendly visitor (to the home or to a nursing home)
–  making a weekly phone call
–  reading to those with impaired vision
–  preparing meals
–  driving someone to services

Volunteers will be able to specify the types of activities with which they can assist
and the amount of time that they can offer – probably a maximum of two hours per month. Training will be provided.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer, or would just like some more information about the project, please contact Diane Kaplan, at kaplan.diane@gmail.com, or at 248-8319 (evenings and weekends).

The needs in our congregation and in our community are very real.  I commend the Social Action committee for taking on this project.  If recent history is any indication, I am confident that the members of our congregation will again answer the call.

Thank you.