December 2020: President’s Message

As we all know, COVID-19 is on the upsurge again in our area. It’s a fact of our present lives. Therefore, we must continue to suspend in-house services, and maintain our current approach via Zoom. However, please know, if you have a Yahrzeit or a special occasion for you or a family member and you want to come into the shul for a Shabbat service, please call the office and let them know, so the Rabbi is aware you are coming in.

Not only do we have the virus to contend with, we now have the bleak January blues, with its threat of snowstorms and cold shortened days. In this difficult time, there are actually more positive outlooks in front of us than behind us. Our annual High Holiday Appeal, previously chaired by Burt Slossberg, and now adeptly chaired by David Slossberg, has seen the congregation taking giant steps in responding to the needs of our shul. This year’s response has far surpassed our totals in past years. Thank you, David, and thank you to the generosity of our membership. We continue to have many services and activities to take part in on Zoom. We welcome any topics or ideas you would like us to pursue – just let me know.
Now, we have the opportunity to look forward to celebrating our 75th year as a religious congregation beginning this month. Hinda Piscitelle and her committee are working very hard at making our 75th anniversary year meaningful, fun and interesting. We will be having special Friday night Shabbat services honoring all our members. Depending on which decade you joined our shul, will depend on what Shabbat you will be honored. Please respond to Shira Rosenblatt when she asks for your participation.
These events throughout the year will be times to enjoy and reflect on our past, our present and our future. Think about what the temple means to you and join us in our celebration. It is even something in the conceivable future that we have our culminating event during November, 2021 IN OUR SOCIAL HALL!!!
Looking forward to seeing you on zoom.