December 2015:

Potato Latke’s-sour cream-applesauce

The aroma of frying latkes fills the house-it gets into areas of your past that brings back so many memories. When we were kids, how excited we were, getting Hanukkah gelt, lighting the candles and spinning the dreidel and telling the story of the brave Macabees and the oil that lasted for 8 days.

As we get older and have families of our own, how wonderful it is to share the holidays with them.

Our lives are filled with so many obligations, our jobs, our commitment as volunteers, often leaves us with little time for ourselves. This holiday season is a time to stop for a while and spend time with our families and friends and be thankful for what we have.

As we watch the TV news or read the newspapers we find ourselves living in a world of uncertainties and fear. Let us not give into the modern day Antiochus.

We are the children of the Macabees and we will not only survive, but we will continue to grow stronger

Hanukkah means “rededication”. Let us rededicate ourselves to our families, friends and to our faith.

Sy Kaplan