December 2012: Chanukah

This is a wonderful time of year when we celebrate the joyous holiday of Chanukah. I love singing Hallel and reading Torah every morning. I am thankful for the opportunity to daven with friends at daily minyans. Every time I enter the Temple and kiss the Mezuzah, I am reminded of the strong foundations that we have built. Much of this hard work is done behind the scenes, but is essential to the operation of our Shul. I am especially proud of the careful leadership of our Endowment Committee.

These individuals work tirelessly planning for our future while protecting our investments. Specific asset allocation strategies are used to manage our portfolio’s asset mix. The interest generated from these investments is necessary for our general budget. The beauty is that the investment is a continual source of income. By increasing the Endowment, we would essentially increase the available money for our operational expenses. This in turn enriches our lives by increasing available funding for special programs as well as allowing for the many necessary improvements on the physical facility.

Recently, the Board of Directors approved a motion presented by the Endowment Committee to replace the Donor Plaque. We are fulfilling an obligation that we have with these individuals who have given generously to TBS. These donors are the source of strength that allows us to appreciate the benefits of being together as a community. Our Endowment has grown modestly over the past few years, but I would like to present a bold challenge. As a goal, over the next ten years, I would like our Endowment to double in value. There are many ways to donate to the Endowment Fund and most have substantial tax advantages.

Please explore these opportunities to save money and give a charitable donation to TBS. Any contribution up to $500 or $1000 is beneficial because it is seed money that will grow in perpetuity. It also promotes a sense of ownership while strengthening our bond together. Although the current economic instability has created challenges for us, our resiliency, foresight and faith will guide us to years of prosperity.