April 2024: President’s Message

If you’re eager for a glimpse into the Rabbi’s 40th Celebration, you’ll need to wait until the May Bulletin. Meanwhile, let me share highlights from some recent special events at TBS, all occurring on Sundays.

On January 28th, we hosted the second session of the Meeting the Moment series, focusing on “Beyond the December Dilemma.” Dr. Samira Mehta delved into the challenges faced by intermarried families in the contemporary Jewish community.

Moving to February 25th, the Safety & Security Committee organized a morning security training session with Michael Shanbrom, our Regional Security Advisor, covering Situation Awareness. It’s worth noting that even if you’ve attended in the past, each session offers new insights.

The same evening, the Kulanu Work Group and Adult Education treated attendees to a successful movie, dinner, and discussion event. “Gentleman’s Agreement” sparked meaningful conversations among the 47 participants. Special thanks to Rabbi and Hank Paper, Marjorie, Doron, and all of the committee members.

On March 3rd, we welcomed back Michael Shanbrom for a session on Countering an Active Threat, emphasizing the importance of a “Commit to Action” mindset when facing any type of active threat.

On March 10th, the third Meeting the Moment session addressed “Modern Antisemitism: What is different? What are the implications for Judaism?” Dr. Liram Koblentz-Stenzler delivered an informative talk, highlighting the importance of education, open dialogue, and mutual support in combating anti-Semitism.

Looking ahead, the final session on April 7th, which will be held at Congregation Mishkan Israel, will explore “Zionism in America: Jewish Identity and Israel.” Thank you to Ira Kleinfeld and his committee’s dedicated work on this series.

Additionally, on the morning of March 10th, the Young Families Program welcomed several families for a Purim celebration through Yoga with Sherri Sosensky. Children made their own groggers, stretched to “Chag Purim”, and listened to the PJ Library Book “Is it Purim Yet?” Later in the afternoon, the Jewish Community Extravaganza at the JCC in Woodbridge provided a fun-filled experience for families, featuring mask and crown decoration at the TBS table with Sherri, Ellen Dworkin, and myself.

These events reflect the vibrant and engaging community at TBS, fostering learning, dialogue, and shared experiences. We look forward to more exciting gatherings in the future.