April 2019:

As we begin to head into Spring, our calendar will be filled with B’nai Mitzvot, events and activities by Social Action, Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Adult Education and Hebrew School. There are many upcoming events and activities for members of all ages.

Of course, nothing announces the arrival of Spring more than a Passover Seder, which will serve as our Kickoff event for the season, followed closely by Sisterhood Shabbat. Tot Shabbat and Young Family Programming will also continue throughout the season. Heading further into May, we will also be celebrating the proud history of the Jewish immigrants who belong to our shul during the Once We Were Strangers weekend. In addition to At the beginning of May, TBS will be holding a new fundraiser for document shredding, as well as the recycling and disposal of computers, hard drives, and monitors.

In addition, as we move further into the season at TBS, the Board of Directors will also be turning its attention to the next year and tending to items like the annual budget process and the midterm elections of the nominees put forth by the Nominating Committee.

Also included in preparing for the next year is K’tanim enrollment, which begins at this time. The K’tanim program, which has been a mainstay at TBS for many, many years, provides a quality pre-school program for children ages 2-4. Over the years, our program has attracted children of young families, and has also been an entry point for prospective new members to begin their family’s lives here as TBS members. For our members who have friends or family members with young children of pre-school and Hebrew School ages, I would encourage you to recommend that they come and pay a visit.

Happy Pesach!

Josh Weissman

TBS President