April 2015:

Dear members:
A few days before Pesach I walk into the kitchen at TBS and there are people at the sink peeling eggs, people at the stove making matzah balls. I then go into the social hall and I count 35 long tables, 300 chairs; the blue tablecloths are on, the plates, cups, silverware, napkins, salt and pepper shakers and don’t forget the Haggadahs, the Seder plates are on the table and the decorations are up. Like magic, our social hall is now a banquet hall.

How many dozen eggs are cooked, how many matzah balls are made, how many pounds of apples and nuts are used to make the charosis, how much gefilte fish and horse radish will we need and how many pounds of matzah will be eaten and how much wine will be poured?

How many people will leave our 3rd annual 2nd Seder feeling the warmth and yiddishkite of this special night?

A great big thanks to all the women (and there were a few men), the reservation takers, the seating arrangers, cooks, shoppers, table setters, decoration makers and schleppers, who worked so very hard to put this together.

“Why is this night different”? It’s different because it is special; it is special in a way that shows how a dedicated group of volunteers could make this a magical night. It is a difficult task to make something look easy and this group working together, made it possible. A great Yasher Koach to you all.

Sy Kaplan