Roger Heller

    Roger Heller was a beloved husband, father, brother and friend.  Roger lived in New Haven all his life, and he knew every inch of this town, from one end to the other.  It was his world.  He knew the business world in this town and the sports and the people from the mayor to the dogcatcher.
    After high school he went to work as a salesman for a custom tailor.  He went all over, selling to the Fords and the Kennedys and people all over the country.  He was a great communicator and a great story-teller and he was interested in everything.  He could talk everyone’s language; he could talk to the elite and he could talk to the riffraff.  He was a character in the best sense of the word.   The strange thing was that he could talk to and be with anyone, but he was always still himself.  He wanted to know everything and he could learn from complete strangers. (more…)


2007 BoD Resolutions

2007-Dec-18 - George Alexander made a motion to approve spending $1049.27 for the contract with the Greater New Haven Cemetery Association for maintenance of the Columbus Lodge Cemetery. Elliot Alderman 2nd the motion. The motion passed unanimously.  2007-Dec-18 - A motion was made to appoint Yaron Beitch to fill 2007-2010 director's position on the board. The motion passed unanimously.  2007-Nov-20 - A motion was made by Geoff Kanner to approve moving the Memorial board of the Jewish Home for Children, Beth Cantor 2nd the motion.  Discussion followed.  The motion passed unanimously. 2007-Nov-20 - Lew Abramson has resigned from the board.  A motion was made to accept Marty Laskin on the board.  Motion was passed unanimously. 2007-Nov-20 - Jessica Malkin made a motion to accept Michael Romeo and Faye Shephard as new members.  The motion passed unanimously. 2007-Nov-20 - The House Committee made a motion to propose expending up to $4000…

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January 2008: Help Wanted…

On Kol Nidre, I spoke about the extensive Social Action efforts made by members of Temple Beth Sholom, and of the importance of living generously, repairing the world, and setting examples for our children to follow.  I am pleased to say that the members of Temple Beth Sholom apparently are not content to rest on their laurels when it comes to Social Action. (more…)


An Iran-Israel Nuclear War

Published: Nov. 21, 2007 at 11:00 AM

UPI Editor Emeritus
United Press International – News. Analysis. Insight.™ – 100 Years of Journalistic Excellence Emerging Threats – Analysis Walker’s World: A Mideast nuclear war? Published: Nov. 21, 2007 at 11:00 AM By MARTIN WALKER UPI Editor Emeritus WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (UPI) — Anthony Cordesman may be the most influential man in Washington that most people have never heard of. A former director of intelligence assessment for the secretary of defense and director of policy and planning in the Department of Energy, he is now the top strategic guru at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. (more…)


Karen Rubin – December 1, 2007

Karen Rubin was a beloved mother, sister, aunt and treasured friend. Those who knew what Karen went through for so many years know what a remarkable person she was.

Judaism tells us that a person’s life should not be measured by their money or their material possessions. A person’s life should be evaluated based on what they did for
other people. In Karen’s case, we can state, without hesitation or doubt, that hers was a life spent in the service of others. This was a person who truly did a great deal for other people. And a person’s life should be based on their courage. Well, none of us ever met a braver person than Karen Rubin. (more…)


December 2007: Creating Memories…

For many of us, childhood memories involve holiday celebrations.  I would venture a guess that Hanukkah, in particular, is a holiday that evokes many memories — gathering with family, cooking latkes, eating donuts, lighting candles, wrapping (and unwrapping) gifts.  Hanukkah is only one of several holidays that evokes memories for me; I retain vivid recollections of childhood High Holidays, Passover seders and Purim costumes, as well.