The 2009 Solomon Schechter Awards

The Solomon Schechter Awards program is one of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s longest continuously running programs and is a fitting tribute to the memory of Solomon Schechter. When Dr. Schechter founded the United Synagogue in 1913, he hoped that our congregations’ standards of our congregations would rise continuously. Since 1949, several hundred congregations have been recognized for excellence in various aspects of synagogue life. Dr. Schechter’s stress on meaningful synagogue activity and his emphasis on the synagogue as one of Judaism’s core institutions are reflected in general in our mission as a movement, and in particular in the selection and presentation of these awards.

The Solomon Schechter Award rewards extraordinary characteristics and certain unusual and outstanding aspects or achievements that go beyond the expected norms. Award winners deserve recognition for the originality and quality of their programs, for their presentations and achievements. We congratulate them, as well as the many other synagogues that continually strive for excellence. The selection process is not an easy one, and we applaud the efforts of all who submitted entries to the program.

2009 and previous year’s awards and descriptions may be reviewed at and provide a source of ideas of the possibilities TBS may embark on.