Norwich 1144 A Jew’s Tale

Norwich 1144.  A Jew’s Tale.  A novel by Bill Albert

We have thought again about our marketing strategy and now would like to offer you a free ebook version of Norwich 1144 A Jew’s Tale.

Why are we doing this?

As a small, provincial UK press, with limited resources, word-of-mouth is one of the few ways we have to promote Bill’s Albert’s powerful new novel. The most effective group to do this with are leaders of the Jewish community, a community for whom the Blood Libel has a particular and horrific significance.  

There is absolutely no obligation, but any comments, or a few words in an Amazon review, would be much appreciated and help us reach a wider audience.

Please feel free to share the book with members of TBS. The ebook can be read on a Kindle, and, using a free Kindle app, on a computer, as well as most mobile devices. A PDF copy is also available.

Free ebook + Special Offer on Print Edition
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