New Transparency at the USCJ

The first sign of progress, like the soon expected snowdrops of Spring, have poked their heads from the dirt of USCJ
bureaucracy. With the consolidation of multiple offices in Canada, the Northeast and New York, all synagogue members have been invited to receive information directly. Northeast District is made up of the Canadian, Connecticut Valley, Empire, and New England regions. It includes Ontario and the Canadian provinces to its east, New England (except Greenwich, Connecticut), and New York state north of the New York City metropolitan area.

“While it is vital for the lay and professional leadership of our synagogue to be subscribed to this list, we encourage you to let your entire congregation know that they can be part of this community. Here’s what one needs to do in order to subscribe to this list:”

1)           Go to

2)           Click on “Join or Leave NORTHEAST-ANNOUNCE”

3)           Enter your Name

4)           Enter the Email address you wish to receive our communications at

5)           For most users, you can leave the “Subscription Type,” “Mail Header Style,” “Acknowledgements,” and “Miscellaneous” controls at their default settings

6)           Click the “Join NORTHEAST-ANNOUCNCE” button

7)           You’re done! Welcome aboard …

In the weeks ahead, you can look forward to a brand new website for the NorthEast District.

In the meantime, we hope that you and your entire congregation will join us on Facebook at We will be using our Facebook group, in addition to this list and forthcoming website, to not only keep you informed of USCJ’s programs, services, and news … but also to begin discussions together on how to strengthen our synagogues and the Conservative movement.