FoundationStone Free Hebrew Software

FoundationStone is a FREE application and support materials designed to help you learn Hebrew – an essential part of a Jewish education.

The “Online Hebrew Tutorial” is available as part of the download – a complete, condensed set of language lessons to learn Hebrew. It can also be browsed online.




By recording which words you are getting wrong and reviewing those words more frequently, the program adapts your program of study to your individual needs. Contrast this to the standard method of learning using lists of words on paper – the words you already know get the same attention as words you don’t. Words can be reviewed from English to Hebrew or Hebrew to English, and reviewed in random order so you are not remembering them from their position in the list. Statistics are provided and allow you to set personal goals for each session.


By allowing you to filter on the frequency a word occurs in a typical Hebrew text, the program allows you to better target a vocabulary appropriate to your level of knowledge – be that beginner or advanced. In any language, some words are more common than others. For example, “the” occurs more than “zoo” in a standard English text. Typically, if a student knows the top 200 most often used words, they can recognise over 50% of what they are reading. By filtering on the word frequency, you can learn the more common words before the least common, again making your study more efficient.



This program is aimed at the beginning, intermediate and advanced adult language student, without compromise to any one level.


This application is not ideally suited for teaching young children – there are many reasonably priced commercial programs available that present the language material in a manner that stimulates children to learn. FoundationStone makes no attempt to keep a young child’s attention. See for software designed with children in mind. Or the popular, if expensive The Rosetta Stone.


FoundationStone does feature a lexicon function. However, due to the limited (but growing!) databases included, a better solution for people who need a full Hebrew to English dictionary are the commercial Ectaco products.

Users are encouraged to contribute and extend the material on offer here – translations, additional wordlists and feature requests are welcome.


FoundationStone aims to be the fastest way to learn Hebrew or refresh your memory. This is important to a motivated student studying alone or in a class. The application is ideal for olim and university students who have to learn fast to get a job or pass exams.

Click here to download your free copy.