Resolution on Israel by the RA

WHEREAS Jerusalem from the time of the Bible was established as the political and religious center of the Jewish people;
WHEREAS during 2000 years of exile, Jerusalem (Zion) has been a guiding light for the Jews and a focus of prayer and longing;
WHEREAS the State of Israel in recognition of the centrality of Jerusalem made her its capital;
WHEREAS the pre-1967 situation, wherein Jews were denied access to the Kotel and other significant historical and religious sites, was intolerable; and
WHEREAS Israel harbors great hope for negotiations that will lead to a peace agreement with her neighbors.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly:
• call upon the government of Israel to assure that any future peace agreements ensure that Jerusalem remain the capital of Israel and that Israel exercise control over the sacred sites of the Jewish people in Jerusalem;
• call upon the government of Israel to ensure free access to these holy sites for all Jews regardless of denominational affiliation;
• call upon the United Nations and other international organizations to recognize the uniquely deep connection of Israel and the Jewish People to Jerusalem, and to affirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel;
• call upon all parties involved in negotiations to guarantee access for all people to all significanthistoricalandreligious sites; and

• call upon members of the Rabbinical Assembly to emphasize the historical and religious significanceofJerusalem in the programs of their institutions and in their sermons and divrei Torah. The Rabbinical Assembly urges its members to plan major programs in honor of Yom Yerushalayim, (the anniversary of the reunificationof Jerusalem and participate in the planning of community-wide events in honor of Jerusalem.