Is the Internet Jewish?

I was watching an episode of Doctor Who called the Forest of the Dead. Doctor Who is an alien, the last of his people. He travels through time and space and solves problems and rights wrongs. In this episode, he comes across the universe’s biggest library containing every book ever written until the 51st century. The library is somewhat sentient and has the collective knowledge of the evolved “Internet”. At some point the Doctor is threatened and rather than explain why he should be the last person to be confronted, he suggests that the other entity look him up in the library. This library is the ultimate memorial book of all who are alive or died. It has a Jewish soul; nothing and no one is forgotten.

Last July when I started to populate this new TBS website, I was deeply disappointed that our previous host managed to lose our old content, including all of Rabbi Scolnic’s sermons. Rabbi Scolnic graciously provided copies of what he could find and they were added under the Rabbi’s Corner.

During one of my recent convoluted searches of the Internet, I found six of his old sermons from 2000-2001 that I have now added to this site. I also found pictures from that period and those were added to the Picture Gallery. We read and save pictures so that we can remember and our website helps in its own way.

And… remember to use GoodSearch on the Home page.

George Alexander