It’s a Miracle!

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It’s a Miracle!

By George Alexander, Webmaster

For the first time in the 97-year history of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ), YOU, a Conservative Jew, an individual layperson, is being asked to intellectually contribute to the future of the NEW USCJ.

There is a general misunderstanding that the USCJ is the Conservative Movement. Actually, the Movement is a collaboration of about 24 independent organizations that more or less have the same religious beliefs and practices. That is why the Movement is called a “Big Tent.” Thus, many define by exception, those who reside under the Big Tent as neither Orthodox nor Reform Jews. You are probably familiar with a few of these organizations: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Rabbinical Assembly, United Synagogue Youth (USY) and Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.

The USCJ is one of these organizations. Temple Beth Sholom belongs to this organization of synagogues. Even though you are contributing to pay TBS’ membership dues, you are not a member and cannot belong to the USCJ as an individual. For the past ten years the USCJ has been in financial difficulties, due to the continued exodus of dissatisfied member congregations. For the second time, it hired Ukeles Associates, a consultant, to tell it what it is doing wrong. You probably never seen the 2004 report that the USCJ generally ignored. The 2010 report is the second Ukeles recommendation.

The miracle is that you are no longer being taxed without a voice.

“This is an invitation from United Synagogue to provide reactions, comments, and suggestions from interested stakeholders regarding this draft proposal of a strategic plan. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to offer input from a grass-roots level that will be taken into consideration by the authors of this planning document. Thank you!

Read, consider and send your feedback to The future is in your hands!

There will be public meetings and webinars held to discuss the draft plan. Please click here for details.”