In the Days of the Mahdi

From The World Daily News – July 2010

“Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told his associates that the Hidden Imam had appeared to him and promised to arrive during his term as Supreme Leader, according to the supreme leader’s web site, (webmaster – The site is in Persian, but Google can translate it into English.)

According to Shi’ite tradition, the Hidden Imam will reappear to humanity shortly before the Final Judgment and the end of history. He will lead the army of righteousness in a final apocalyptic battle with the forces of evil and subsequently rule the world.

Ali Khamenei is 70 years old and has been rumored to be in poor health, suggesting that Iran’s leader believes such a war and apocalypse to be imminent.”

From the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – July 9, 2010

Inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: A Defector Speaks to the Washington Institute.
Iran will commit ‘most horrendous suicide bombing in human history’ if not stopped.

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