I Was There In Color

‘I was there in color’ is an extraordinary amazing and never seen before story of the birth of Israel in color !!!  It was shot by Fred Monosson a Jewish American businessman from Brookline Boston who died in 1972 leaving in his basement reams of 16 mm film. Until this discovery the history of Israel was only captured in black and white. Now, for the first time ever Israel’s history is told in color.

This well preserved and unique archive was saved from extinction by sheer luck. The material revealed a passionate love story between Monosson and the new Jewish State. Monosson not only captured the dramatic events with his camera but was also secretly involved in the struggle to establish the young State of Israel. The two videos below give only a small taste.

A report by Channel 2, Friday News Magazine about the documentary ‘I was there in color’ that was aired on Channel 1, Israel Public Television 11/1/2009