Golani Sheli

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Published on Aug 13, 2014

The video was edited together from different sessions of Israeli dance over the course of 12 days. The videos came from all over the world: from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and even the Far East! The outpouring of love and support for Israel and it’s brave men and woman is amazing! Thank you to all who participated! Thank you to Shlomi Shabat for re-recording this beautiful song by Effi Netzer and Amos Ettinger!

AND TODA RABA to the Soldiers of Tzahal!

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Golani sheli
Hi torei anashim
Golani sheli
Hi shemot ufanim
Mekomot uzmanim
Vekolot meshunim
Ve’olim lemuli.

Golani sheli
Hi milchemet shich’rur
Golani sheli
Hi oto hasipur
Shel matzli’ach ya’el
Shel kol am Yisrael
Hashavim ve’olim lemuli.

Golani, golani sheli, golani sheli

Golani sheli
Hi milchemet kadesh*
Golani sheli
Hi rafi’ach ve’esh
Uvesheshet yamim
El Tal Fachar na’im
El hatel hanitzav mimuli.

Golani sheli
Hi gam yom kipurim
Hi mutzav hachermon
Befisgat heharim
Rova’im sheyaru
Vere’im shenot’ru
Betzidei had’rachim lemuli.

Golani, golani sheli, golani sheli…

Golani sheli
Agadah vesipur
Golani sheli
Le’lo ot ve’itur
Shel etmol she’avar
Uletikvot yom machar
Hashavot ve’olot lemuli.

Golani, golani sheli, golani sheli…


My Golani
is lines of people
my Golani
is names and faces
times and places
and odd voices
that are coming back
and going up in front of me.

My Golani
is a war of liberation
my Golani
is the same story
of the successful gazelle
of all of the nation of Israel
that are coming back and going up in front of me.

My Golani, my Golani…….

My Golani
is the war of Kadesh*
my Golani
is Rafa and gunfire
and in the six days
Towards Tel Fahar make our way
Towards the hill rising up in front of me.

My Golani
Is also the war of Atonement
It is the summit of Mt. Hermon
Rifles that have been fired
And comrades (in arms) that remained
Along the roadsides in front of me.

My Golani, my Golani…….

My Golani, my Golani,
A legend and a story
My Golani
Without a ribbon or a medal
Of yesterday gone
And with hopes for the morrow
That return and arise in front of me.

My Golani, my Golani……..

גולני שלי
Hebrew words

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Words translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.